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Thanks for your interest in Sudo Room!

What is Sudoroom?

We're a free & open community space for hackers, artists, activists and YOU!

What's a hackerspace?

Watch this KQED Video Open Source Creativity: Hackerspaces:

"It's not easy to say what a hackerspace is exactly. You know it when you're in one, but they're all unique because people are so unique."
—Mitch Altman of Noisebridge

What does "sudo" mean?

Sudo is a software command that stands for "super user do". It's pronounced "sue-dough" or "sue-due".

How does membership work?

Introduce yourself in person or on the mailing list. Pay some dues or do some work like cleaning, etc. Create a wiki user page or email some contact info to info@sudoroom.org. Poof — you're a member!

What's your legal structure?

It's still evolving. Here's some history: