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It is almost summer 2019, which means we are going to redo our floor!

How? We don't know yet!


Sudoroom is ~1500sqft. The entire bocce ball court is ~2800sqft.

  • epoxy
  • tile
  • laminate
  • linoleum


things to buy

  • more nail shoes
  • really nice squeegees


  • clear area
  • vacuum
  • scrape gum & shit off
  • pressure wash or mop?
  • let it dry
  • grind/mill concrete down to the clean stuff
    • acid etching w/ clean-n-etch stuff?
    • rinsing?
  • fill deep gashes w/cement or plaster or epoxy
  • box in area with wood
  • primer - soaks down, bonds with concrete (usually water based)
    • do we need the oil-stop kind? is there oil in our concrete?
  • sand broadcast to prep for self-levelling stuff?



  • solvent-based: doesn't like humidity, high VOC, unsafe indoors
  • water-based: much lower VOC
  • solids-based: no VOC, best but more expensive
  • are they all 2-part? A+B (resin + hardener)?


  • Rust-O-Leum EpoxyShield (cheap at home depot, only 2 colors)
  • Muscle Gloss (very expensive)


  • 1 base coat w/black paint, 1 top coat w/glitter?