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Tofu from Raymond Lai
Patrick and Raymond hacking caramel cotton candy at the Noisebridge Benefit

Food hacking at Sudo Room

Carbonated Mate Drinks

We are on the way to making more ecological, less wasteful, less sugary, and overall healthier versions of soda and "energy drinks" at SudoRoom.

  • Max has this incredible idea... I'm letting him run with it!
  • Romy can bring her own SodaStream from home to make carbonated water. Later we can find ways to buy cheap co2 cannisters and make soda without using proprietary products.


We don't need no proprietary carbonation we don't need no energy drink monopolization we don't need no high fructose corn syrup we just need some sudomate to rip rip rip


Mycology experiments for fun, heath, and saving the world!

Raymond Lai's Food Hacking

I don't even know where to start! This man is amazing. We will add more about Ray's food experiments, many of which are interwoven with personal family stories. You will find a lot of food experiences at our weekly Wednesday meetings!