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  • Resources to facilitate transition.

These materials roughly equivalate to what the current composition of American landfills looks like: Newspapers, Cardboard, Egg trays, Plastic bottles, Pallet boxes, Aluminum, e-waste, Batteries, Various metal and wood, Earth.

  • Furnishings

Freecycling and Craigslist free ads are addicting, and a fun way to de-clutter and re-sort your life on what matters. It's not that everyone needs the same thing, in a decentralized movement, one person's trash is ultimately just what another person thinks they need. What do you need actually? Not much. Art and Revolution

Anarchic life will trump the evil and controlled GMO monoculture enforced order.

  • Multimedia

Many artists, would rather get their name out there than be prostituted to the subjugations of a pimp label. Any objections to the dissent is from these 1% worthless middle-men who would take advantage of an artist to sell something. As an artist, I have defeated many, all shapes and sizes and colors. So did the Buddha.

links from Chez Hack/Hack Hacking hackerspaces

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Freedom Paradigm Anticapitalism

don't use money live free 2014. in fact, we will free the US government from it's malaise of money-hungry bitches which control it.