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I'm interested in hacking games on mobile phones.

Happy Patterns

  • Showcasing the creativity of the Sudo Room members
  • Showcasing the creativity of the Oakland community
  • Promoting community without directly getting involved in Oakland local politics (they are great people though but entrepreneurship, hackers and creative people don't mix at all with policitians and community organizers, remember that lockpicking incident? miscommunication on all sides)
  • I want someone making fun of Zumba in a non vicious way. It has to be done. now is your time!
  • Everyone learning to code
  • all the code being open sourced on github or bitbucket!


I prefer the open sourced game engine Cocos2D on the iPhone. I know a lot of you don't like the iPhone, but it's the best tool for the job (don't use a hammer to screw a screw, etc.)


There was a lot of anti-PC stuff but I erased it.

Anyone trying to turn sudo room game hacking into a trade show for their private start-up should hire us though and we will staff the event with males in high heels and short skirts. Please make donations to Sudo Room in bitcoin currency.