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I'm interested in hacking games on mobile phones.

Happy Patterns

  • Showcasing the creativity of the Sudo Room members
  • Showcasing the creativity of the Oakland community
  • Promoting community without directly getting involved in Oakland local politics
  • Everyone learning to code
  • all the code being open sourced on github or bitbucket! Collaboration instead of stuff being funneled into someone's private kickstarter project.


iOS Developer lone Wolf

howl! iOS lone wolves!
  • |RomyIlano I am the lone wolf iphone developer at SudoRoom. I previously suggested Cocos2D but the WWDC 2013 announcements changed everything! Since this stuff is NDA, please contact me. we are the lone wolves and outcasts of the open source community. If we do not band together the angry mob will take us and burn us at the stake. Be aware that there are lot of people being paid off by varoius business interests to promote Android at SudoRoom so keep your iOS development a secret or they will gang up on you. I am learning the new APIs. let us band together or be devoured by the mob.


There was a lot of anti-PC stuff but I erased it.

  • Anyone trying to turn sudo room game hacking into a trade show -- please give full disclosure. Please be honest.