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Gittip is an awesome website for sharing money, used primarily as a way to support writers of free software. Sudoroom has an account, and it's the recommended way to donate money to us! Here's how:

Link Account

  1. You can't sign into Gittip directly. You need to sign in or create an account at one of these services:
  2. Visit, click sign in, and select your account.
  3. Your original site will ask you to approve - click confirm or approve, depending on the site
  4. You should now be logged into your new gittip account!

Enter Credit Card

  1. Back on gittip, click on your username to visit your new profile
  2. On your profile, scroll down and click on Credit card
  3. Enter your info and press save

Give to Sudoroom

  1. Visit Sudoroom's profile
  2. Enter an amount of money, press Enter or click Confirm
    • Remember these amounts are WEEKLY, not monthly!
    • Please give whatever you can - even a few dollars or cents helps!
    • Your card will be charged every Thursday. The money goes directly into Sudoroom's bank account.

Notes on Privacy

They are pretty good about protecting your identity:

Gittip makes reasonable efforts not to share your personal information with the recipients of your gifts, so that particular gifts are anonymous. We do publicly share aggregated information about your giving and receiving. You may opt out of publicly sharing your aggregate giving.

To increase your anonymity, visit your profile and check Hide total giving from others.

How much?

Weekly Monthly
$2.30 $10 Minimum dues
$18.40 $60 Recommended dues
$459.96 $2000 Cost of running Sudoroom
Y Y * (365.25/7*12)
X * (7*12/365.25) X