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A good soul has donated a Bamboo Wacom tablet to the Sudo Room. Thank you!

Let's start hacking drawing... I'm coming up with a few ideas. Does anyone know any other artists out there?

Hello, anon: We should put these sketches and populate art into the DeviantArt community: http://www.deviantart.com/ . I will have some images that has been scanned from the room, which will be up on Deviant Art as well-- we should build some of these concepts. Find and friend EddieChe on there! http://fav.me/d6i9f4z

Scan drawings at Sudo Room

Canon PixMa MG2120 (Desk computer) Make sure the black printer is connected and turned on. To scan, type "scangearmp" in a terminal. To edit drawings, you can use "gimp," also in terminal. Storage is on space or, /media/25ab2961-bfa7-49c2-8331-45c086cc5318

or, /media/25ab2961-bfa7-49c2-8331-45c086cc5318/My Documents/My Pictures

Easiest embed if you don't have an account on the Sudo Room wiki is via Wikimedia Commons: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

To the next person: Could someone put up a tutorial on how to store and share art on Git or Github?