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In late May 2013, we find ourselves with a number of necessary room hacks improve ACCESS to & functioning of the space. On Sunday 5/25/13, starting at 11:45 and running all day long (until the wee hours of Memorial Day Monday with a potential midnight tofu bbq), we will be HACKING THE ROOM.

Here are the necessary hacks (by category):

Hardware Hacking:

  • Getting a raspi attached to the sudo <=> (common space) door.
  • Installing a circuit on both doors that will be able to send signals to their respective raspi's.
  • Move shit and reorganize space.

Software Hacking:

  • Getting the mouse buzzer working
  • Creating an API for the door open/closed states
  • Whipping up some code for the homepage to interface with the API


  • Getting a comprehensive membership list
    • prerequisite: hack on different configurations of membership & access (how do we determine who gets personal access to the space, etc.)? ...See the [Articles_of_Association#Section_2.3_Benefits|"member benefits" section of the articles of association] for details.
    • (roadblock: Tommy needs access to the bank acct to get a list of dues paying members, no?)
    • additional thoughts: what else is needed to improve membership management?
  • Improving finance management
    • Need to determine areas for improvement in the current finance tracking/management system and areas where responsibility can be shared, etc.
  • Review clarifications required with landlords for space.
  • Meeting format
  • Outreach strategy
  • Encouraging regular payment of dues from members
  • Updating https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Door_Access