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In late May 2013, we find ourselves with a number of hacks necessary to improve ACCESS to & functioning of the space. On Sunday 5/25/13, starting at 11:45 and running all day long (until the wee hours of Memorial Day Monday with a potential midnight tofu bbq), we will be HACKING THE ROOM.

Here are the necessary hacks (by category):

Hardware Hacking:

  • Getting a raspi attached to the sudo <=> (common space) door.
  • Installing a circuit on both doors that will be able to send signals to their respective raspi's.
  • Move shit and reorganize space.

Software Hacking:

  • Getting the mouse buzzer working
  • Creating an API for the door open/closed states
  • Whipping up some code for the homepage to interface with the API


  • Getting a comprehensive membership list
    • prerequisite: hack on different configurations of membership & access (how do we determine who gets personal access to the space, etc.)? ...See the "member benefits" section of the articles of association for details.
    • (roadblock: Tommy needs access to the bank acct to get a list of dues paying members, no?)
    • additional thoughts: what else is needed to improve membership management?
  • Improving finance management
    • Need to determine areas for improvement in the current finance tracking/management system and areas where responsibility can be shared, etc.
  • Review clarifications required with landlords for space.
  • Meeting format
  • Outreach strategy
  • Encouraging regular payment of dues from members
  • Updating https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Door_Access


Please add your name below if you plan to come to the hackathon and indicate which category of hack you'd like to work on and what times you'll be available (if you'll only be available for part of the day, this will help us coordinate to ensure that all the hardware hackers are present at the same time, etc.)

  • mk30 | admin & food | all day & night, except a few hours in the evening
  • legind | software hacking | all day, maybe taking off in the evening
  • factotum | hardware+admin+coffee | from ~11 am to ~5pm

Notes and Comments

  • Please note that the public school will have a poetry reading in the common space from 3-6PM, which means that we won't be able to use that space at that time and that we should strive to provide a quiet environment (ie, music should strive to not spill over into the common area).