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During the January 30th general meeting, Vicky started a conversation on using hand signals during meetings as a way to rank speaker order and mark shifts between the topic at hand (*sad trombone*) and the conversation's meta-process. This page is for you, yes you, to refine and add to before submitting a formalesque proposal to the rest of Sudo Room!


Vicky's cooperative housing example

The example I brought up were signals from my old consensus-run housing cooperative. Imagine the following symbols as being formed by hands. They are described in descending order of priority:

(^) Point of Process

The conversation is getting out of the facilitator's facilitation; An aspect of the Articles of Association is relevant to the conversation and should be mentioned; etc.

(! ) Point of Information

You know a fact about something and bring it up in order to clarify the conversation; etc.

(?) Question

Wait, what does that mean? Could you clarify what you mean? etc.

(=) Direct Response

I have a comment that directly clarifies a comment, point of information or point of process, or answers a question.

(C) Comment

blah blah point of view or general comment.

Occupy example

These signals were used during Occupy.