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*[http://lists.hackerspaces.org/pipermail/discuss/2009-July/000694.html insurance questions for a US-based space?] thread on hackerspaces.org
*[http://lists.hackerspaces.org/pipermail/discuss/2009-July/000694.html insurance questions for a US-based space?] thread on hackerspaces.org
*[http://makezine.com/2013/05/23/making-makerspaces-acquiring-insurance/ Article on obtaining insurance for makerspaces]
*[http://makezine.com/2013/05/23/making-makerspaces-acquiring-insurance/ Article on obtaining insurance for makerspaces]
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Sudo Room

Update 02/28/2014



Hey all,

I paid $149.32 for two months of installments and a $2 filing fee from the sudo room account and passed the certificate of insurance on to the landlords.

// Matt

File:SUDO ROOM Certificate of Ins.pdf

2141 Broadway

Requests from the landlords:

"Liability insurance with George and I as named insureds for $1M that covers the usual (injury, damages, fire, theft, etc.) for officers and members of the Sudo room re. the building. When you have the policy they will give us a certificate of insurance."

So this seems to imply we need the typical General Liability insurance to cover $1M with the landlords as named insureds.


General Liability Insurance

via InsuranceForNonProfits.org: "This is typically the “core” coverage for a nonprofit. Most commercial general liability insurance provides coverage for a wide range of acts or offenses which result in bodily injury, personal injury, advertising injury or property damage to a third party. The most common type of incident covered by this policy is a “slip and fall”. Commercial general liability (often referred to as CGL or GL) insurance is generally available as an “occurrence” policy, which provides significant advantages over a “claims-made” policy.

A general liability policy may also extend to special events. If your organization conducts any type of special events, you should make sure that your general liability policy includes special events and that you follow any requirements about providing notice of special events."

Talking Points

  • All-ages meeting area separate from workshop area.
  • Anyone under 18 accompanied by an adult guardian.
  • No seriously dangerous tools in the space.

Underwriter Paragraph

Just a draft of key points to make, please prettify the language:

Sudo Room is a non-profit membership organization that provides work space and meeting space for members and their guests, as well as access to tools and materials for creative and technical projects. Member projects and workshops are artistic, scientific, and educational in nature, Activities include 3D printing; audio production, recording and broadcasting; painting and sculpture; electronics assembly and soldering; and computer programming. Events include talks, lectures, workshops and presentations in a clean, safe space.