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We have a dedicated paired fusion line from Sonic. Upon installation our reported speeds (with dual Annex M) are 26.5/3.7. Our Sonic modem is in bridged mode, and the wifi network "sudoroom" is served by an Asus RT-N10+ running OpenWRT compiled from the latest git trunk. The router is named torta - admin access is by ssh & https. Contact Yardena for the key or password.

There is also wired and wireless internet throughout the building, which is provided by the Landlord and is another (14Mbit/2Mbits;down/up) line.

Service Provider Research for Posterity

ISP Available? Speed (dl/ul in Mbits) Price Static IP Yes 14/2 or 10/3 (per line, max 2 lines) $107/first month, $59/mo. thereafter Yes
Monkey Brains Not until Q3 2013 8-20 symmetric $250 install, $35/month Yes
Raw Bandwidth ADSL2 in 4months, but Ethernet over Copper work around avil 3 or 5 symmetric $360 or $475 / mo. Yes