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This page is about the Crowdfunding provisions of the JOBS Act. For more general discussion and background materials about Crowdfunding, go here

Basic Information

Public Law 112-106

Capital Raising Online While Deterring Fraud and Unethical Disclosure Act of 2012

"Crowdfund Act" - Title III
112 Congress

Sec. 302
A6) offer or sale of securities by an issuer
A) 12 mo. period; no more than $1,000,000
i) greater of $2K or 5% of capital income of investor < $100K
ii) 10% of annual income, not to exceed $100K

Sec 4A. A person acting as an intermediary
1) Register w/ Commission as
A) Broker
B) A Funding Portal

Issues to Discuss

Public Comments

  • Collaborative Hackerspace model - promoting other hackerspaces
  • Federation
  • Distributed non-profit / innovation center that spawns companies
  • Minimum amount for investors
  • Disclosure in documents

Human Resources

  • Janelle Orsi - Sustainable Economies Law Center / East Bay Community Law Center
  • Kadavitch & Kassen (K2) - Cutting Edge Capital
  • Slow Money
  • SchoolFactory - Hackerspace Federation. Contact: James Carlson or Willow Blue
  • La Cocina

Crowdfunding Software

  • Selfstarter - roll your own crowdfunding platform. FOSS.
  • Catarse - FOSS crowdfunding platform from Brazil
  • CloudFunded - Finance platform for local and sustainable businesses.
  • [1] - Curation of crowdfunding platforms