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* Naomi Sorbet
* Naomi Sorbet
* Rabbit
* Rabbit
* Rodion Raskolnikov


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  • WHEN 2pm on Saturday the 16th of March.
  • DURATION 2 hours
  • LOCATION sudo room
  • PRICE $0
  • NUTSHELL Live Sketchup and print tutorial
  • INSTRUCTOR Max Klein aka notconfusing


  • Understand the workflow (Idea>Design>STL>Slice>Print).
  • IDEA a miniature plate for canapes and appetizers that is ring and allows you to hold a drink in the same hand.
  • DESIGN we'll make a 3d digital representation in sketchup
  • STL gloss over this detail and leave it for another class
  • SLICE gloss over this detail and leave it for another class
  • PRINT marvel, and take home.


On the right you'll see some examples of what I've 3D printed at sudo room, having learned all my skills at sudo room, from sudoers.

  • Introductions
    • Level of 3d modelling experience (none required)
  • 3D Printing Theory
  • Sketchup (many options, but this is easiest, not necessarily most powerful or precise)
    • Navigation
      • Zoom/Orbit/Pan
      • Set views
    • Basic Shapes
      • Rectangle/Line/Circle/Polygon
      • Precise measurements
    • Shape Manipulation
      • Push/pull
      • Move vertice/edge
      • Rotate
      • Scale
      • Scale -1 Trick
      • Offset
    • Advanced Shapes
      • Group
      • Follow me
      • Outershell
    • Misc
      • Tape/Erase
    • Ready? Let's Make something. Learner's requests?
    • Exporting
  • Slic3r slicing software (in a minor way)
    • Sometimes can need NetFabb fixing
  • Repetier Host Printer Software (in a minor way)
  • How to manually adjust the 3d printer in times of crisis.


  • Come with a laptop with sketchup installed. There's a free version for Windows and Mac. If you don't have this installed, you cannot begin immediately.
  • Bring a mouse. Sketchup is much easier with a mouse, and all but impossible to learn with the track pad. Essential.


Add your name below if you know how, but you can also just show up on the day.

  • IsThisThingOn
  • Tunabananas
  • Bleeblahblue
  • JustBrandon
  • Rick
  • Judi (who used the "edit" link, top of the page)
  • Hbergeronx (talk) 17:07, 14 March 2013 (UTC) (matt)
  • Naomi Sorbet
  • Rabbit
  • Rodion Raskolnikov


Hbergeronx (talk) : really enjoyed the class! adding some pics of the "thing" i learned how to sketch up and print, with much help.

much enjoyed the conversations and sharing of ideas and tools. Hbergeronx (talk) 21:13, 17 March 2013 (UTC)