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* Naomi
* Naomi
* Flynn Cooper
* Flynn Cooper
* Abe Zukor


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In progress, finishing top of print
3d 1.jpg
3d 2.jpg
3d 3.jpg
3d 4.jpg


  • WHEN 20th of April. Sketchup and Design Tutorial: 12p, Printing Tutorial 2p
  • DURATION Sketchup and Design: 2 hours, Printing 2 hours. You can come to both or either for as long as you like
  • LOCATION sudo room
  • PRICE $0
  • NUTSHELL First a no-experience-necessary Sketchup class. Then an explanation and tutorial on how to use the 3D printer itself.
  • INSTRUCTOR Max Klein aka notconfusing


  • Understand the workflow (Idea>Design>STL>Slice>Print).
  • IDEA a miniature plate for canapes and appetizers that is ring and allows you to hold a drink in the same hand.
  • DESIGN we'll make a 3d digital representation in sketchup
  • STL gloss over this detail and leave it for another class
  • SLICE gloss over this detail and leave it for another class
  • PRINT marvel, and take home.


On the right you'll see some examples of what I've 3D printed at sudo room, having learned all my skills at sudo room, from sudoers.

Sketchup and Design

  • Introductions
    • Level of 3d modelling experience (none required)
  • 3D Printing Theory
  • Sketchup (many options, but this is easiest, not necessarily most powerful or precise)
    • Navigation
      • Zoom/Orbit/Pan
      • Set views
    • Basic Shapes
      • Rectangle/Line/Circle/Polygon
      • Precise measurements
    • Shape Manipulation
      • Push/pull
      • Move vertice/edge
      • Rotate
      • Scale (
      • Scale -1 Trick
      • Offset
    • Advanced Shapes
      • Group
      • Follow me
      • Outershell
    • Misc
      • Tape/Erase
    • Ready? Let's Make something. Learner's requests?
    • Exporting


  • Introductions
    • Level of 3d modelling experience (none required), but you need a .stl file ready. (We make them in the earlier design portion of the class)
  • Slic3r slicing software (in a minor way)
    • Sometimes can need NetFabb fixing
  • Repetier Host Printer Software (in a minor way)
  • How to manually adjust the 3d printer in times of crisis.


  • Come with a laptop with sketchup installed. There's a free version for Windows and Mac. If you don't have this installed, you cannot begin immediately.
  • Bring a 3-button scroll mouse. Sketchup is much easier with a mouse, and all but impossible to learn with the track pad. Essential, a mouse that has a clickable scroll-wheel.
  • Bring your own .stl to print, if you are coming just for the second half.


Add your name below if you know how, but you can also just show up on the day.

  • Maximilianklein (talk) 17:48, 24 March 2013 (PDT)
  • Rabbit
  • revphil - thanks for repeating this!
  • Christine M
  • Romyilano
  • Naomi
  • Flynn Cooper
  • Abe Zukor


Write specific skills or questions that you'd like to have attention in the class.

  • write here



some stuff that was made in the last class on March 13th