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Control-C Control-V - the eternal cycle

Today, information is ownable. This entails a complex/costly system of statutory regulations that attempt to prohibit the transmission of information and limit our powers of free speech in order to protect the financial interests of "content owners".

There is a fundamentally different way, hereafter referred to as Kopimism, that is at odds with today's complex and self-defeating system of intellectual property. Kopimism is simpler, more efficient, and arguably better for everybody in the long run.

Kopimism is so good because it is in harmony with (and better exploits) the natural laws of reality. Information -- a dual of matter -- is intangible, inexhaustible, and illuminating. As matter wants to fall, information wants to be free. Kopimism takes advantage of these sacred (God given) properties of reality for the benefit of humanity.

We have an opportunity to introduce Kopimism to the mainstream by propagating this normative way and understanding of Kopimism that arrises from our understanding of reality. Our mission is to unite the factions and transition the world towards a society of complete information freedom through the transformation of our own way of being.

  • Meeting Every Sunday at 1pm at Sudo Room [These are now defunct, rescheduling]
  • Creation of ritual SudoRoom group chants and prayers in possible collaboration with the Public School Poetry Group
  • Question for Dec 30th: What does Kopimism have to say about evesdropping secret channels? Why?

Ritual Chants

We are in serious need of revival. We will go through all the crazy American cult movements of the 20th century, "kopimist" what we can, and regroup by fusing with the Public School Poetry group and coming up with group ritual chants and prayers.

The Experimental Music group that meets will provide us with a variety of high-pitched 2400 baud modem sounds, and we will go from there.

Kopimism Hardware

A Scientologist e-meter

We are currently kopimistically kopying the Scientologist e-meter. We are a the first phase of iterative agile modification. The process will be a lean, mean 3d printed additive manufacturing machine. Be aware that they are litigous, so this will be an opportunity to act with agility.

General Info

  • IRC: ##kopimism (not #kopimism)
  • URL: http://kopimism.org (not up yet)
  • Meeting: At SudoRoom, Sunday afternoons at 1:00pm
Kopimist Credo
  • I do not copyright my work nor patent my inventions, but publish them in the public domain unless I wish to keep them private
  • I encourage others to copy/modify/publish/implement my work
  • I give credit where it is due to the best of my ability
  • I demand the right to copy/modify/publish/implement any information presented to me for anyone who wants it
  • I respect the privacy of others

Discussion Points
  • Copyright, Patents, and Trademarks
  • DRM encoding/decoding
  • Ethics, or what is not allowed
  • California Pirate Party
  • Radio wave regulations
Copyright and Licensing

Kopimists can use strategies to indicate when content is published under kopimist principles, but what options are there for dealing with existing copyright and licensing schemes? Should dual-licensing be used? Or CC-0 to approximate the public domain?

Suggestions for Background Readings (to select from)
Other semi-topical readings

Especially to help produce a book, The Case for Kopimism.

Inspiration in Form
  • (Originally published) anonymous works of social, cultural, philosophical, and political significance
Related Information Society Declarations

Internet Rights & Principles Charter

Free Culture Forum Charter for Innovation, Creativity, & Access to Knowledge

Berlin Declaration on Open Access

A2K Treaty

The Cape Town Open Education Declaration

Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogue -- Paris Accord

Geneva Declaration on the Future of WIPO

UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression Internet Report

Digital Due Process

World Summit on the Information Society Tunis Agenda