List of existing hackerspace access control software

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List of hackerspace software

Hackerspaces and their solutions

Hackerspace Brisbane (HSBNE)


  • Still maintained: Yes!
  • Backend: Django
  • Frontend: Modern javascript single page web app
  • Documentation: Yes, in the git repo
  • Mature: Yes
  • Supports subgroups: No. See this github issue



Not a hackerspace. Not meant for access control. Would definitely need features added.

i3 Detroit hackerspace


Metalab Austria

Metalab Operating System:

  • Still maintained: Yes!
  • Backend: Django
  • Documentation: Not really? (and yes I searched their wiki)
  • Mature: Probably

Vancouver Hackspace (VHS)


Shackspace Stuttgart


  • Still maintained: Yes!
  • Backend: Django
  • Documentation: Yes, linked from git repo
  • Mature: Fairly new. Probably light on features.

HeatSync Labs Arizona

OAC Web Interface:

  • Backend: Ruby on Rails
  • Still maintained: No

ATX hackerspace


Hacklab Toronto

Limited info

Kreitek Tenerife

Unmaintained and their wiki is down so not sure if they're still using it.