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[[File:Graph theory lesson.JPG|thumb|graph theory lesson]]
[[File:Anthony Graph Theory Lesson.JPG|thumb|Anthony Graph Theory Lesson]]
[[File:Anthony Graph Theory Lesson.JPG|thumb|Anthony Graph Theory Lesson]]

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graph theory lesson
Anthony Graph Theory Lesson

Math at SudoRoom

We have a surprising number of Mathematicians in our hackerspace. Many of our programmers are mathematically oriented. Even weirder, many stay true to math instead of programming and even prefer to do calligraphy and art over coding. It's like entering a time machine.


The early days of SudoRoom at the old location in downtown Oakland were started with morning math sessions. I frankly find it unusual to find math for pure pleasure and outside of the context of teaching little kids. What a novelty! Those people are still here so maybe we can star this again.

Math Projects

Sidwalk Art Lessons

In 2015 Anthony Repetto left a beautiful graph theory problem in chalk near SudoRoom.


We are building a team of teachers and students to teach and learn math!

Math Library

We have some hardcore math library books.

Old / no longer active

Morning Math Project

Morning_math Morning math was a rolling event at SudoRoom where attendees could create an anxiety-free zone to discuss and share mathematics

Morning Math Projects