McHawking Robot Hacking

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McHawking Wheelchair Robot @ Sudo Room

Technical Details

  • For information on the open source DORA bot project (which was applied to the last iteration of the McHawking hardware) please visit the project website


  • You can SSH into McHawking if you are physically located at Sudo Room and connected to the "sudoroom" wireless access point
  • username: mchawking
  • password: [redacted]


Operating Instructions

  • Change to the "lilia" directory int he "mchawking" account's home directory ("/home/mchawking/lilia")
  • Execute the "" Python script ("./")
  • At this point you can operate McHawking
i j k l to move, SPACE = stop, x = quit
s d f g or 0-9 to adjust speed between 0 and 255.
  • First set a speed setting by typing a number from 0-9 on the keyboard. "5" is a good number for getting started
  • Then press down and hold a key to start McHawking moving. "i" is for forward (where "forward" means in the direction of the monitor. If you were sitting in the original seat of the wheelchair this would actually be "backward")
  • If the wheelchair doesn't drive check to see that the light on the manual joystick is active. Move the joystick briefly in any direction and you should hear the wheel controller click as it engages. Now try to drive again via software.


  • There is a yellow wire going to a screw terminal on the Arduino which controls power to the computer. This is a safety mechanism and will force a hard reboot when terminal connection is lost by the Arduino (including during normal software exit). Unscrew this cable when uploading new firmware to the Arduino.