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Attendees: Max, Evan, Sam, Jordan, Gregg, Marc, Louie, Dennis, Erik, Timon, Hol, Marina, Eddan, Garrett, Matt, Jae, Bill, Scott, Rich, Len, Ray, Jenny, Armando, Aaron, Tracy, George


0. introductions
1. updates
2. announcements
3. fiscal solvency
4. amendments to the compact
5. meta-organization
6. conflict resolution
7. Discussion overflow

  • 0. Introductions
  • Introduction to overflow format and stack with hand signals.
    • Introquestion: What and when was your first mobile phone?
    • fill out your user profile on the wiki :) <a href=""></a>

  • 1. updates - 10 minutes max
    • 1 person per topic, 1 minute maximum
    • door access - are we ready to begin distributing the url that allows access to the space?
    • We will have our new door installed before the end of this month, or Jimmy's dead :/
    • inclusivity: met on sat. lots of interest in moving fwd on inclusivity and education. talk to marina if you'd like to be involved! (project pages: <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a>
    • Kopimists - <a href=""></a> - meet on Sundays at 1pm. Sunday's assignment: Read Doctorow's 'Content'
    • Morning Math - Tues & Thurs 8-9:30am
    • Friday Filosophy - 12pm-?
    • Art Murmur - rather informal, next month will possibly maybe hopefully feature a band :) 
      • Ray suggests selling liquid nitrogen ice cream
      • Other fundraising ideas?
    • sudo radio - workstation set up with editing software. next step is more robust livestream setup.
    • First Wikitown meeting was yesterday and a great success! <a href=""></a>
      • Every other tuesday at 7:00 - next meetup is the 22nd

  • 2. Announcements - 10 minutes max
    • 1 person per bullet, 30 seconds maximum
    • (Protocol: Add to this pad during the week)
    • sunday night cleanup time 7pm: <a href=""></a>
    • sign up to lead a class/workshop as part of our Today I Learned series!: <a href=""></a>
      • First amazing class is Feb 2nd - Ray is leading "Vanilla: From Bean to Ice Cream" starting at 2pm
    • this sunday (1/13), oakland wiki history editathon at oakland history room from 1-5PM: <a href=""></a>
      • Gold Rush Operations Research Pod (GRORP) will kick off at the tail end of this event
    • CORE (Communities of Oakland Respond to Emergencies) training update: Will likely be Thursday, Feb. 21st from 7-9pm, inquiring about Saturday availability. ++
    • Gregg Sound Art Meetup
      • Want to do stuff at Art Murmur? ;)
    • Your announcment here:
      • Armando - meditation innerworkings depicted through live performance by the 23rd
        • Arduinos?
      • Erik - I have a metal shop |o/\o|
        • Walk toward Erik and say Hi about this. 
          • How does one know where you're at when you're not in the room?
            • You won't.
            • .
            • .
            • .
      • Matt on Morning Code - Mondays and Wednesdays 8am - 9:30am
        • Garrett volunteers, Jordan considers.
        • In the spirit of Morning Math Tues and Thurs mornings
      • Dennis - Computers Technology Program (job training for people with disabilities)
        • Looking for job mentors, insight, ropes, skill improvement, etc.
      • Jenny on paper calendars / handouts - 
      • Eddan - Sudo Law Firm

  • 3. Fiscal Solvency - 10 minutes max
  • Exchequer presents 2 minutes
  • unlimited q&a at 30 seconds per question
  • Fiscal Solvency Sheets <a href=""></a>
  • Member list and membership contributions sheet: <a href=""></a>
  • Rent Go-Round: Put expenses on board and circle around room collecting pledges

  • 4. amendments to the compact - 10 minutes max
    • 10 minutes of discussion per changes 
    • To draft changes to the Articles of Association, <a href=""></a> and 
    • erik does not want to do anything

  • 5. meta-organization - 10 minutes max
    • Process: Riseup Pad throughout the week --> reminder about Wed. mtg + last call for agenda additions (on Tues.) --> notetaking during meeting --> Post to wiki --> Post to mailing list (newsletter style) today was awesome wrt meta-organizing!
    • EASY WIKI TO-DOs we can start tonight :)
      • education page
      • onboarding/faq/sudoroom history => partially done. could use more!
      • how to pay your membership.
      • articles of association
    • suggestion: a sign letting people know the ownership of things right when they enter the space
    • Project / task management software for Sudo?
      • Bill suggests Redmine
      • Jenny suggests Redmine or Open Atrium

  • 6. conflict resolution - 10 minutes max
    • updates from 2 previous complaints raised
      • We railroaded through this before anyone could speak...
      • This conflict was articulated at the last meeting and we tabled the decision-making process in order to practice fairness, enable further possible conflict resolution, and get additional necessary perspectives from Timon:
        • On more than one occasion, Timon has acted aggressively and behaved in a threatening manner. On one occasion, in the middle of the night, Timon refused to leave the space and made Jenny feel unsafe. On an earlier, unrelated occasion Marc felt unsafe when Timon approached him and spoke to him aggressively.
      • Timon explains himself, feels misunderstood and explains circumstances around why he was on-edge - and that Jenny was too extreme in threating.
      • After hearing Timon's perspective, the group informally straw-polled at 12-0-1 votes to table making a decision on this issue until the next meeting, at which point potential resolutions can be proposed and we can then use a particular decisions procedure that fits the resolution on the table.

  • 7 Discussion overflow - extendable
    • Randomize order of things that need to be extended - 10 minutes per overflow object
    • New member onboarding
      • More paper things to give to people
      • Origami hypercubes!
      • fridge magnets
    • Art murmur fundraising ideas
      • Styrofoam Sanchez (noise band) - $150
      • greg soudn art as well?
      • Get on the official map
        • popcorn
    • Email (spam) dun dun dunnnnnnn
      • deprecated, but heavily used 
      • <a href=""></a>
    • Rent-go-round
      • Do it mid-month and pay by the 25th. Landlords love that.
      • every meeting is rent-go-round,but
      • no names, but total anounced each week
      • anonymous tallys kept on wiki

    • liquid nitrogen ice cream
    • a+ certification
    • matt wiki investigation
    • George's email etiquette class
    • Wikitown meeting minutes and overview of projects