Meeting Notes 2013-01-16

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Welcome fuc k to Sudo Room! What are we all about?? Check out this welcome message and FAQ here:


Attendees: Len, Aestetix, David, Juul, Mischa, Robert, Terry, Costa, Patrik, Shiliya, Sam, Hol, Eddan, Troy, Justin, Bill, Garrett, Jae, Max O, Ray, Jordan, Matt, Meg, Naomi, Craig, Robbie, Ryan B, Vicky, Marina, Eric

0. introductions
1. updates
2. announcements
3. fiscal solvency
4. amendments to the compact
5. meta-organization
6. conflict resolution
7. discussion overflow

  • 4. amendments to the compact - 10 minutes max

  • 5. meta-organization - 10 minutes max
    • Why Berkeley deserves people like us� Process: Riseup Pad throughout the week --> reminder about Wed. mtg + last call for agenda additions (on Tues.) --> notetaking during meeting --> Post to wiki --> Post to mailing list (newsletter style) today was awesome wrt meta-organizing!
    • EASY WIKI TO-DOs we can start tonight :)
      • education page
      • onboarding/faq/sudoroom history => partially done. could use more!
      • how to pay your membership.
    • suggestion: a sign letting people know the ownership of things right when they enter the space
    • Project / task management software for Sudo: Redmine or Open Atrium
    • ^^^ procedure for breaking projects into independently hackable subsystems with predefined interfaces - hol

  • 6. conflict resolution - 10 minutes max - ~a million minutes ;)
    • updates from 2 previous complaints raised
      • After hearing Timon's perspective, the group informally straw-polled at 12-0-1 votes to table making a decision on this issue until the next meeting, at which point potential solutions can be proposed and we can then use a particular decisions procedure that fits the resolution on the table.
      • Suggestions:
        • Eddan proposes that exceptions be made in the case of emergencies and clear communication (re: habitation in the space), and redefining/clarifying "safe space"
        • Ask that Timon's behavior not be repeated
        • Ask Timon to take a break from the space
        • Contractual agreement between the two parties
        • Conflict resolution working group

        • 22-1-7 Vote to pursue further mediation with a neutral third party
        • We need a new toaster.�

        • Bill suggests putting Conflict Resolution at the end of the meeting, so those not interested in the process may choose to leave.

  • 7 Discussion overflow - extendable
    • Randomize order of things that need to be extended
    • Scott J wants to suggest holding East Bay Futurist Meetups at Sudoroom.�� Didn't want to add it to calendar without bringing it up in a meeting.� The group generally attracts 4-12 attendees.� Topics include transhumanism, future of economy/capitalism, tech stuff, cog/sci, etc.�