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Attendees: Liberty, Len, Eddan, Ryan B, Wolfy, Anders, Jenny, Jordan, Marina, Matt, David, Garrett, Leah, Seth, David, Z, Vicky, Dennis, Cara, Ray, Sam, Marc, George, Joe, Craig, Mike, Jae, Xavi, Jehan, Rachel, Judy, Andrew, Robert, Morten

0. introductions
1. updates
2. announcements
3. fiscal solvency
4. amendments to the compact
5. discussion overflow
6. meta-organization
7. conflict resolution

  • 5. Discussion overflow - extendable
    • first friday
      • smart circuits�
      • liquid nitrogen ice cream: dipping dots!
    • purchasing a rack? where to locate server?
      • Time limit on seeking donated rack?
      • Colocate�
      • Cost/Space analysis�
    • Event to pay Eddan back for bootstrapping our initial space!
    • Roomba!
      • Add magnet for screwfinding?
      • The Roomba will tweet, also an LED

  • 6. meta-organization - 10 minutes max
    • Onboarding
      • Introducing / welcoming new members - talk to Ray and Sam
        • A hugging robot / hug blocking robot?� A robot that knows when to hug and when not to.
    • Sudo Network
      • mailing list
      • naming convention
        • .sudo TLD? .local TLD is probably more standard (and we're already using it).
        • current servers: tamale.local, space.local, cheese.local, tablebox.local

  • 7. conflict resolution
    • Timon�
      • Warning and discussion of permissible behavior
      • Exclude from space until Timon participates in the mediation process
    • Alcohol at sudoroom
    • Ace Monster Questions
      • will there ever be peace between sudoroom and AMT? shock & awe campaign?
      • who trolled the last meeting? (Ace Monster Toys?� May be a subtopic of ^^)
        • Folks may or may not be trolling, some folks might be a very small number, even just one person. However, by and large there happen to be friends of sudo room members at Ace Monster Toys, some of whom are interested in/curious about sudo room membership and who like sudo room.
        • There are issues on the IRC channel #sudoroom on http://chat.freenode.org/
        • One of the aims of BACH is recognition of our existent interdependence
    • Notes:
      • Timeframe of Mediation Process
    • http://sudoroom.org/wiki/Articles_of_Association#Section_3.4_Enforcement
      • Articles of Association hackathon Sunday could work on mediation process and report back
    • Resolution:
      • MOTION #1 Asking Timon, respectfully, to take time away from Sudo Room until he attends a meeting and engages successfully in conflict resolution.
        • In-person meeting vote resulted in: 17-0-5
        • Jae will contact Timon communicating the resolution to him.
      • Tabled for later discussion: Asking, respectfully, that similar behavior to those described in the complaints be not reproduced again in sudo room.
        • Complaints:
          • [The previously articulated and noted conflicts from mtg 1 of this process]: On more than one occasion, Timon has acted aggressively and behaved in a threatening manner. On one occasion, in the middle of the night, Timon refused to leave the space and made Jenny feel unsafe. On an earlier, unrelated occasion Marc felt unsafe when Timon approached him and spoke to him aggressively.
            • Specifically: Raising one's voice to the point of drowning out another's voice, aggressive/angry responses to nonaggressive requests, intoxication to the point of not being able to control anger/aggression

  • 8. Post-Meeting Meetups!
    • George - Server rack
    • Ray and Sam - New member / visitor onboarding
    • First Friday