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>Welcome to Sudo Room! What are we all about?? Check out this welcome message and FAQ here: http://sudoroom.org/wiki/Welcome


Attendees: Len, Jenny, Sam, Troy, Jordan, Jae, Hol, Billy, Jesse, Zach, Julio, ykciV, Anthony D., Ian, Eddan.com, Eric, Bill, Wolfy, Tommy, Kat, Micha, Dan, Xavi

0. introductions
1. updates
2. announcements
3. fiscal solvency
4. amendments to the compact
5. discussion overflow
6. meta-organization
7. conflict resolution

  • 0. Introductions
  • Introduction to overflow format and stack with hand signals.

  • 1. updates - 10 minutes max
    • 1 person per topic, 1 minute maximum
    • Inclusivity/Onboarding: You are the ambassador
      • We are already doing an excellent job at this, keep it up!
      • Intentions: Communicate values and remove the intimidation factor
    • Hacker Happy Hour
      • Let's do it again on Feb 8th?
    • Music server status
    • Door status
      • Downstairs door - we don't know. rumors of murder.
      • Access to upstairs door
    • First CNC milling of aluminum last night at sudo room! what about clean up???
      • Talk to Jack / ElectricJack (irc)
    • Internet status
      • pending overhaul
    • art murmur!
    • Missing Moscow Puzzles Book
    • Kopimism.org!
    • Oakland Wiki Editathon this Sunday at sudo room from 1-5pm

  • 2. Announcements - 10 minutes max
    • 1 person per bullet, 30 sec max
    • (Protocol: Add to this pad during the week)
    • Big Data and Data Analysis (and AI) Introduction and straw poll for future meetings
    • Intro to Rocketry next week (tues or thurs)-hol
      • Tuesday, Feb 5th 5:30-7:00PM
    • Oakland Wiki Editathon this Sun. 2/3 at Sudo Room from 1-5. Come add content about hacker/makerspaces and hacker/makerpeople in Oakland, or edit on any topic that you'd like!
    • March 14th Screening of "Who Bombed Judi Bari" in the common room. Daryl Cherney(director of the film, and one of the people bombed in the car, and famous member of Earth First) will be there.
    • Next "Today I Learned" workshop: Feb. 9th Sewing Hackathon from 1-4PM. Full schedule & sign up to attend or facilitate a workshop/talk� here: http://sudoroom.org/wiki/Today_I_Learned
      • Feb 2 - None, Feb 9 - Sewing hackathon, Feb 16 - Intro to Bicycle Repair
        • Intro to bicycle repair is also a bike 'stuff' drive (materials, parts,
    • Sudo-Sys Mailing List
    • Bike rack installation on Broadway )ykciV(
    • Mesh networking meetup (Thurs 8:30pm)
      • Also talking about non-wifi wireless networks: CB, DECT, sneakernet, etc.
    • Build a tractor (or brick compacting device?) friday at noon (address?)

  • 5. Discussion overflow - extendable

  • 6. meta-organization - 10 minutes max
    • Discussion about non/alcoholic drinks consumption )ykciV(
    • Discuss possibility of using hand signals to rank order of people on the stack and signal other interesting dimensions of the council/meeting conversation. PS: Discussion Rant about the evolution of archivization I learned bc of Oakland Wiki. )ykciV(

  • 7. conflict resolution - 10 minutes max
    • IRC / Email / Communication Practice - Matt
      • This encapsulates the IRC policy question below, but extends beyond it.
      • Matt does not think a specific policy is the solution, though it is /a/ solution.
      • Matt suggests adding a new value will be helpful:
    • Distributing "root" access over keeping "root" concentrated.
      • Possible use of a sudobot to decentralize power of ops
    • IRC policy
      • Is this a request to hash out a policy? or something else related to the idea of an IRC policy? Please be as specific as possible
      • What attempts have been made at resolution?
    • Suggestions:
      • IRC bot as founder
      • 4 founders voted upon
      • Rotational foundership
    • Timon?

  • 8. Post-Meeting Meetups!
    • Big Data and Data Analysis - Sam
    • Art murmur