Meeting Notes 2013-02-20

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Attendees: Jae, Ryanb, both Anthonys, Len, Tommy, Troy, Ray, Matt,, Marina, Hol, David, Sam, Tom, Naomi , Xavier, Oracle, Temple



  • Shrooms - they are now growing => contact Morten for more info
  • Access / Door
    • Automatic Redirect doesn't always work - what is the URL?
    • How can hair salon also get in? a second phone?
  • TIL - Rational Inquiry/Bayesian Stats and Philosophy! Fun! (2PM Sat) [1]
  • 3d metal printing progress
  • Biohacking: meet up last friday of the month. also meeting up with folks working on OS hardware.


  • Oakland Wiki: Open Data Day Hackathon & #oakmtg Editathon. Details here:
  • Sudo Kids: Sound Tech class using the radio room!
  • Atomic Ice Cream at Rasputin Records/Blondie's Pizza
  • Hacker Happy Hour (Hacky Hacky Hour) Friday - Morten
    • This Friday we got Happy Hacker Hour from 7pm! We shall indulge
    • - the glorious company of each other!
    • - exploratory conversation on the topics of Asterix.*
    • - wonderful homebrews from subiir (by Juul & yours truly)
    • - the documentary about the pirate bay, TPB_AFK
    • - unimaginative snacks (or imaginative? Feel free to bring some experiments)
    • Please bring some bucks for donations!
  • Fiscal Solvency Sheets

Fiscal Solvency

the exchequer is dead. long live the exchequer.

amendments to the compact

  • To draft changes to the Articles of Association,
    • Feedback from Anthony
      • context is that conflict resolution felt less satisfactory
      • the process dragged on, needed to be more timely
      • wants some one to be responsible for keeping track of each step of the process
      • In the same way that the facilitator or exchequer exist to keep an eye on process
    • attributes little to the conflict resolution process being a first time it was implemented
      • and we can't anticipate on that experience
        • process should not be based on informal opinions, but based on documentation
    • Tom: Using small numbers of people is always preferable.
    • Ray: Suggestion for conflict resolution trainings.
    • Oracle: will send some notes and a possible resolution via email
      • have communal peace maker in each group
      • once a month core group outings to build consciousness on working together
    • Hol: willing to try it out :)
    • Anthony: point person can help people identify who to speak with when they have a problem
    • Xavier: suggestion for process to go around the room for a particular conflict and identify the person who is least invested in it. that person could be a facilitator. also suggestion to require conflict resolution training and/or knowledge of the conflict resolution process as a prerequisite of membership.
  • creation of the constabulary role
    • the point person who is responsible for facilitating the conflict resolution process, but not necessarily the moderator.
    • please see the draft articles above for further details on the responsibilities of the role

Discussion items + overflow

  • expanding space / space management system -hol
    • issue with regards to using space (ex: i'd like to use part of the space for xyz)
    • reviving the question of possible member storage space
    • standing workstations
  • Safety in and outside of the space
    • Cars broken into outside
    • Bike taken from common room

conflict resolution

  • don't spread rumors
  • seriously, don't
  • Our first attempt at confict resolution process dragged out and the result of resolution was not achieved.

Action Items:

  • Ray - seek out training in conflict resolution
  • Matt - List of typically willing mediators
    • Len - Approach pseudo-sudo-interim-not-official-constables
  • Xavier - Develop an algorithm for least-interested party
  • Anthony - Follow-up with online discussion and bring up at next meeting
  • Space utilization
    • Hol - Survey of usage of our space
    • Hol & anyone - Do-ocratically re-organize space things.
    • Anyone - claim the plastic milkcrate cubby with a label (do-ocratically)
  • Suggestion: meet half an hour early or at beginning of the meeting to talk about small group items (signups for small groups ahead of time?)

Post-Meeting Meetups!

  • Anthony on 3d metal printing
  • Thorium reactor ( just a small one :)
  • Radio