Meeting Notes 2013-02-27

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February 27th, 2013



Fiscal Solvency

amendments to the compact

Discussion items + overflow

Action Items:

  • Door Access Automation version 0.2
    • Improve external-facing door interface
    • Improve internal-facing door interface
    • Solidify plan with Public School for access sharing
  • Fiscal Solvency Improvements
    • Implement new fiscal solvency sheets
    • Re-investigate options for tax structure
    • Pursue second bank account
  • Membership process
    • Implement member signup form
    • Update new member orientation resources
  • version 2.0
  • survey of existing space usage - assigned to hol, will have detailed measurements together by 3/6 and interim document on 2/27)
    • standing single-operation workstations
    • project/program-specific work areas
    • open work areas (clean up and store components when your work session is complete so these areas can be used by others)
    • what projects are being actively maintained by sudoers vs being stored in the space?
    • are things QR labeled? - who knows how to redirect from QR-linked page to a project page?
    • cubbies/shelves/drawers/lockers for projects/users