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Meeting Notes 2013-03-06

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attendees: len, marty, max, matt, naomi, justin, kevin, ryan, dennis, marina, anthony d, andrew, bill, jjjordan, tom fitz-p, daniella-the-victorian-lace-maker, Emperor Ray, Sam, THE FOOD



  • in sudo room tinkerings, system hacks you
  • sudo access hackathon proposed, looking for feedback
    • work on doors
    • work on membership
    • work on fiscal solvency stuff
    • work on incorporation
    • work on marketing
    • work on on-boarding
    • work on accessibility (disability)
    • work on accessibility (general)
  • Workshop Weekend feedback and listening session
    • Participation, etc
  • Toool and Lock-picking
    • Moar?
  • SF CryptoParty: March 23rd @ Langton Labs: 2-6pm 9 Langton Street, San Francisco, CA
  • PyPy creators actively looking for venues :D :D :D orz orz orz orz orz or
    • Occupy PyCon @sudoroom
  • Cryptoparty /
  • Friday Filosophy
    • Friday at noon, some delicacy made with Filo Dough.
      • Stuck on potato bareccas >.<
      • Switching to Spanicopita (spinach pie, Greek methinks).
      • Traction on Kopimism list about last week's session
        • Virus? Unethical? OMGWTFBBQ
        • Stuxnet
  • Art Murmur
  • Google Summer of Code ($ for open source at non-profits)
    • $5000?
  • Dartmouth for change
    • Battle the sexual assault rates!
    • Legal end, privacy policy, etc.
    • Want to help? email
  • Event next weekend,
    • furniture moving on Friday or potentially tomorrow night.
    • christians, who actually used to own the builing

action items

  • Move furniture Friday afternoon/evening 3/8
  • meeting about amendments to articles after meeting, presenting at next meeting
    • Edit diff
    • matt will print our paper at work for free

unconference-style interest groups after general meeting: discussion items + overflow

  • Articles of association
  • Sudo Radio meeting after Sudo Meeting!
  • Dartmouth and google fellowship w/ Eddan
  • Cleanup with Ray