Meeting Notes 2013-03-27

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Attendees: tommy, karl, romy, kevin, naomi, lisha, maura, vicki, ray
^ i missed ppl heeeeelp


  • favorite thing about hackerspaces/sudoroom/something else related?


  • hack the gallery!
  • google glass
  • casette tapes on the radio
  • noisebridge fundraiser saturday!
  • free tech help lunch, time TBA
  • "Money & Life" documentary
  • rfid tags
  • ethernet to front door / re-written in node.js (javascript)
  • oakland wiki history edit-a-thon Sunday, main library

Fiscal Solvency

  • Some things that will improve soon:
    • Tommy's first month in this role, taking a stab at it
    • He's not on the bank account yet--will be better when he is
    • Three days away and we're about to nearly bottom-out our account
    • Editing fiscal solvency sheets to include actual data
    • Income options
      • Fund-raisers -- raise balance!!!
      • No more critical points!!!
      • Sell goods / services
        • Donuts?
        • Merch?
          • 3D printed stuffs?
        • Knowledge capital, share with public
      • Use more low-risk, potentially high-return models by trying something new.
      • hackathon to raise money?
    • We should have 3 months worth of rent on hand at any time.
    • Provide feedback: email: or in-person :D
      • orz orz orz orz orz orz orz
      • |o/'\o| <-- high-five emoticon

amendments to the compact

Discussion items + overflow

  • movie nights! scheduling & picking movies
  • hackathon / fundraiser?