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April 3rd 2013 Attendees: name Google Reader (0/1) Max 0 Jordan 1(2) Ryan 1 Patrick 0 Tommy 0 Nancy 0 Vicky 0 Julio 1 Len (1)2500 Kevin 0 Rusty 0 Will .5 Jenny .5 Matt 0 (NaN) Colas 0 Marc 0 (42) Troy 0 Richard 0 Naomi 0 Craig 0 Ryan 0 5 / 20 = .25 Introductions radio presets- do you use them?


  • Vicky proposes a sexual health Today I Learned workshop - cloth pads!! - tentatively April 27th
  • HackTheGallery - April 13th community art show, weekly classes at 4pm Saturdays. Donate art to the show!
  • Move To Amend @ Laney College 7pm April 6.2013 Laney College .room E.255 East side of Campus 2nd floor.
  • Label printing Organizational party. Large donation today, of power cables, ethernet cables, PCs.
  • 510pen mesh group Thursday 8:30, submitted grant to <corp?> 30k
  • colas is doing a podcast,, wants to interview you
  • Kevin - Money and Life documentary! New Parkway Theater April 11th, April 10th in San Francisco
  • David Graeber is talking in the Mission tomorrow!!!!1
  • Also tomorrow: OaklandWiki, Python meetup, Mesh meetup, Digital Divide meeting

Fiscal Solvency
   Monthly Expenses: $1750
   If we wanted to come in to filling a small portion of the standing funds: membership funds of $80
   Marc suggests having smaller dues, ammenable by Matt's suggestion to offer an array or options, making it clear that $80 is the calculated amount based on costs
   Do a survey of the email list to ask about donation preferences

Amendments to the compact


conflict resolution Suggestions:

   Community asset mapping (list of skills and interests)
   Buddy-system schedulers (meta-level suggestion) -- Take on tasks and ask for a buddy to coordinate acting on that action item.

Discussion items + overflow

   movie nights! scheduling & picking movies
   Vicky / Marina / Jordan suggested doing this more often
   May 4th screening of Money and Life (Kevin's documentary) here at sudo
   Who Bombed Judi Barry? screening by Rusty - May 25th
   Earth-First member who was bombed in Oakland (FBI conspiracy?)
   Quick announcements from Marina re: Audio/Radui
   today i learned is "audio recording 101" - sat at 2
   oakland wiki, history editathon sunday, 1-5pm at oakland history room
   and radio room is ready to use - if people have questions or want to learn  how to play on the livestream, they should email the list and someone  will respond
   Income / fund-raising discussion
   movie nights (above) part of a larger fund-raising agenda
   We don't have t-shirts (Rusty) or mugs (Vicky)
   hackathon / fundraiser?
   biofridge - Craig (he's in sudo room proper at another meeting, come get him)
   craig is trying to stop antibiotic resistant gonorhea - he would like to store just the plates that they may grow on, but in the future and not here at sudo?
   15-0-2 consensus
   east bay biohackers - meeting every last friday at sudo 
   Looking to start up a lab for biohacking, if anyone has space suggestions please contact Marc, Ryan, or Craig

Action Items:

   Do a survey - Rusty (Next week)
   Set up date for label-printing organizing of stuff event - Jenny!1 (Next Week)
   Perhaps... a movie night list? julio spearheads
   craig post to discuss about nongonorhea
   write a script for soliciting donations that can easily be read to people using the space for meetups, workshops etc;
   infographics - Ryan, 

Post-Meeting Teamups!

   Rusty and movie, julio

"please make love to the income/fundraising discussion" - notconfusing