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Jump to navigation Jump to search this out this week: 1 2013Attending: Jackie, Rabbit, Ryan, Tommy, Darnell, Wolfy, Phil, Patrick, Morgan, Matt H, Shane, Dave, Marc, Eddan, Marina, Jordan, Hol, Cal, Vicky, Ray, Jenny, Patrik, Sam, Rusty, Anthony, Bill==Introductions== Co-Facilitator: MattBrief personal intros (< 20 sec per person)

  • Name a person, alive or not, you would like to thank.

Icebreaker (10 min)

  • Organizational structure activity

Share food / sudo mate if available.

==Announcements== Co-Facilitator: Ryan- Oakland Vegan Drinks May 18th at Olde Depot.- has opened an office in Sudo Room was invited to get a floor if we're interested (see list for more info).- Fundraiser: Jars of "gravy" available for sale!- We share the common space with the public school. We now have a physical solution for scheduling the common space (calendar on the north wall). If you need to book half or the entire common space (if your meeting is too big to meet in sudo proper), please place it on the calendar.- May 25th: Showing of Judi Barry film in the entire space. Rusty would love help organizing it.- This SAT: Hacking Sexual Health #1: DIY Menstrual Pad Workshop! Check out details at: Fabulous Friday Films: If you have access to a sound system, please contact Vicky. Vicky can take full responsibility of the sound system and can pick up and drop it off, etc.- Next Mon Night Leather Workshop: Sudoers should come to speak with and introduce the space to participants (45 people already signed up)

===Consent Agenda=== (< 3 minutes)Â Co-Facilitator: Ryan

  • (Let's use this time to briefly review and consent to items that need no more details or discussion) ====> We're trying this out!

===Other Announcements=== (< 5 min) Co-Facilitator: Ryan - virtual office space - entire floor as possibility for Sudo

=== ACTION ITEMS === (< 5 min) Co-Facilitator: Darnell

  • Follow-up on previous items--keeping it brief, okay to table if necessary to next meeting:
    • Membership survey
      • There weren't many respondents, Matt proposes we do another survey with a Google Form or (open source) equivalent. We will also do paper surveys - Bill and Matt
    • [Postponed] Jenny sync with Troy on library - Not yet but they will
      • Set up date for label-printing organizing of stuff event - Jenny!1 -troy
      • still need to set a date
    • [Working on this tonight] Tommy and Shane: write a blurb for soliciting donations that can easily be read to people using the space for meetups, workshops etc.
    • Matt will follow up with Max: Installing Linux on a second laptop for rock paper scissors collective (first was bad :()
      • Ryan B will bring in a laptop?(coordinate with Wolfi on getting laptop)
    • [Postponed] Talk to Danny O'Brien, intro from JC to Jordan, invite him to come to a future sudo meeting to share insight!
      • Straight to the source--but out of the country :( Will be back later this month and Jordan will follow up then.
    • [Skipping this week as it will be Art Mumur and we have a movie screening] Add Hacky Happer Hour to the calendar - Romy hosted Hacker Happy Hour
    • [Postponed] Romy to lead diagram for Articles of Association amendment
      • Romy to work with Troy to turn the articles into a flow diagram. Diagrams and drawings of sudo room members being passed around.
    • [Postponed] Add articles to github (gitorious!!!!!!!? - sudo-room) - Yardena is going to put these articles up
    • [Vicky will do this] Vicky - follow up with Public School about Oakland Nights Live.
    • [Working on this tonoight] Jenny - Set expectations for sudo events, make this available to internal & external.
      • -Ensure doors are closed
      • -Trash and recycling
      • -Running the dishwasher
      • -Putting furniture back where it belongs
      • -Vacuum!
      • Jenny will discuss with Public School this Thurs.
    • [Postponed until necessary] Eddan - Reference letter from George

==Fiscal Solvency== (15 min)Â Co-facilitator: Marina

  • Today is the first of the month. Please pay dues.
  • Exchequer Role - Tommy
    • Collect donations in month of Apr. for month of May.
    • Set aside reserves and funds ideally, in practice more month-to-month.
  • Financial Planning
  • First Wed - budget (2nd & 3rd - collect dues, 4th - assess where we're at)
    • Pay your dues!
  • Review and consensus process:
  • Add plans to Action Items below.

1. Blurb of short description to be used at different events 2. Tommy: Projection of reasonable term income3. For next agenda: discussion to share some of the ongoing initiatives that are going on to bring money into sudo room

  • - Matt and Jenny will encourage Sudoers to think about and prepare for this.

4. sudo-fund mailing list Survey membership6. Vicky has emailed the listserv asking people if they are interested in writing. The goal is to organize people to collaborate on writing marketing-type materials.agenda section closed at 8:19pm==Amendments to the Articles of Association==Â Co-Facilitator: Ryan?==Conflict Resolution==Â Co-Facilitator: Ryan?==Additional Items== (per item)Â Co-Facilitator: Tommy

  • Space / New Space / The Search Continues (15 min)
  • Bike Smut: thoughts on drinks; safe space/glow worms
    • There is an organization we know that has an abundance of beer. Fundraising opportunity exists here.
      • A permit is needed in order to sell alcohol. Our landlord is flexible, but will almost certainly require a permit if we want to sell beer.
      • A non-permit option is to give free beer and ask for donations.
    • Ray has produced aphrodisiac ice cream in the past. Would be able to make it.
    • Glow Worms: Concept from co-ops. People designated at event who wear glow in the dark wrist/headbands for easy identification. The glow worms act as ambassadors who help participants at large events with any q's (where bathrooms are, etc.) and help if anyone has any problems with safety, happiness, etc.
  • Subiir: Next meeting
    • Beer is being made every three weeks. Meet at 10/11AM to brew and ferment beer. Then we come to sudo, drink the beer from three weeks, bottle the beer from three weeks ago. Next Wed. is the next cycle. 80 bottles of beer. This will be donation based!
  • Cerebot Dev boards for everyone to play with!
    • Wolfy has a big box of 5 Cerebots. They are free for sudo room.
  • Tshirts
    • We are out of them!
    • How can we fund a new print run?

==Action Items== Scribe: Marina & Eddan (tag-team)

  • Sam - New video for blog and wiki (next happy hour? or meeting, happy hour and wiki/blog workshop in one!)
    • Would like to have an event where people collaboratively create videos and learn how to do videos. Possibly next Friday. Please coordinate with Sam.
  • ACTION ITEM: Rusty and Ryan will follow up with Dan on printing t-shirts.

Meeting Brief for Announce List

  • Scribe:'' Make a succinct highlights message based on the meeting minutes

==Post-Meeting Teamups / Discussion== Co-Facilitators: YOU! & ?

  • Linux Lovers Lounge near Sudo Room Door.
    • Darnell
  • If you'd like to be a part of planning future Hacking Sexual Health events, please contact Vicky after the meeting.
  • Sudo-Sys meetup