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June 5 2013


Marina, Ryan, Sam, Eddan, Timon, George, Alexis, George, Ray, Tom, JC, Tim, Patrick, Mark, April, Leon, Hilary, Bill, Romy, Chris, Jordan, Jenny, Morten

Announcements (Consent Agenda)

  • This Sat 6/8 at 2PM: Today I Learned: Infographics: Convince with Pictures
  • See upcoming TIL's and sign up for one at
  • Sudo Kids: Kids have been dj'ing on the radio every Tuesday night. Any interest in coordinating further on Tues. nights?
  • Sunday June 9 @ 7pm - Cleaning of Natural Decay
  • Use (ask Matt for admin access)
    • Tweet any space details @sudoroom
    • Email
  • Interested in more inter-hackerspaces collab? Join Open Hack Night every Monday at 7pm @LOL (1234 23rd Avenue, San Antonio (east Oakland)). LOL is a POC, Queer and Women-organized hackerspace. It is radically inclusive--EVERYONE is a desired member! Their organizers want us to do more stuff at each others' spaces. :] :]
  • Next BACH event: June 15th @ Noisebridge - time? please evening? 6p?
  • Sudo Bike - ask Matt about borrowing it for a set period of time, or for donations to "Sudo Bike"
  • New internet: Goodbye Sonic, hello LMI!
  • June 22/23: Workshop Weekend! Help organize or teach DIY/makery/hackery/sciencey/arty workshops. - JD and Gil {Marina - Computer in a Box, Ray - food, Patrick - Polymer Clay}
    • Great way to reach out to kids and families
  • Every Thurs. at 7PM: Oakland Wiki meetup!
  • RADIO!!!!
  • Next Writers meeting this Sunday at 4p! Screenwriters' meetup at 5p!
  • Tom's bachelor party June 7th! We're invited! contact Tom @ - Live music, beer, dominos! RSVP for address. Lakeshore area.
  • Hayward Hackerspace! - HayHackers! - talk to Matt or Jenny
  • Demo Night- this Friday, 5-15 minutes demo project
  • Five Minutes of Fame (noisebridge) - Talk to JC - June 20th
  • State of the map: OpenStreetMap conference
    • At the Mission Bay Conference Center
    • 1675 Owens Street, Suite 251
  • Saturday - Art walk, potluck - Talk to Patrick
  • June 14-16 - Geeknic picnic, Friday and Saturday hackfest: fedora project


Old Action Items

  • Next Week: Follow up with Andrew on keypad access system (documentation, outreach to other tenants) (Marina)
    • Cubby with the keypad system is marked in sudo => Keypad system is complete but key codes have not been configured for everyone (some are already configured).
    • the SudoDoor Documentation - >
    • need to set a cronjob for every 2 minutes.
    • As of this meeting, the keypad is not working. RFID does.
  • Matt remind Tommy to write rent check for George
  • Matt Ian will call LMI to get the lowdown (on hacker friendliness/political orientation?)
  • Eddan will talk to in the same vein.
  • [Postponed] Discussion of new spaces and active searching
  • EVERYBODY: Let's gear up for First Friday and outreach to folks on the streets - music on Broadway, gimmicks on Telegraph, etc;

New Action Items

  • Document process for editing access codes & whether it's possible to have temporary access codes (Andrew) - Marina will follow up with Andrew
  • Add robots.txt for sudo room (open item for anyone to take on) MATT
  • Eddan will ask George whether rent has been paid.
    • has not been, until now.
  • Find out who has the key to the cash box :) (Marina)
  • First Friday promotion (Jenny and Marina)
    • Note: Public School has event on Fri. at 7PM on Capital Crisis Theory - let's coordinate with them (Jenny)
  • Eddan will coordinate discussion around the council of the exchequers
    • Confirmed, Eddan will send a message about this.
  • Ray will spearhead putting together curriculum for youth in the community - Bill suggests a workshop on security
  • Jenny will start a spreadsheet for churches, schools, and other community groups that we can do outreach to for people to sign up to meet with specific organizations.
  • Tim will share the map of potential properties available for purchase.
  • Jenny will write to School Factory about sponsorship opportunities.


items here are not for discussion, only for reference for later meetings so that we don't forget about them :)

  • [Postponed] Talk to Danny O'Brien, intro from JC to Jordan, invite him to come to a future sudo meeting to share insight!
    • Straight to the source--but out of the country :( Will be back later this month and Jordan will follow up then.
  • [Postponed until necessary] Eddan - Reference letter from George
  • [Postponed until necessary] Jenny sync with Troy on library - Not yet but they will
  • Set up date for label-printing organizing of stuff event - Jenny!1 -troy
    • still need to set a date
  • [Postponed until someone throws Romy a massive love bomb] Romy to lead diagram for Articles of Association amendment
  • Romy to work with Troy to turn the articles into a flow diagram. Diagrams and drawings of sudo room members being passed around.
  • [Postponed until ?] Add articles to github (gitorious!!!!!!!? - - Yardena is going to put these articles up

Fiscal Solvency

  • Setting up co-exchequers
  • The future of the ex-chequer (items suggested from 5/29 meeting):
  • New exchequer (tasks):
    • Get on bank account
    • Follow up on deposits made
    • Presents budget during meetings
    • Coordinates with scribe to make budget available to all members [transparency]
    • Determine if per-member dues can be reduced
    • Forecasting longer-term budget
  • Exchequer tasks that could easily be done do-acraticly:
    • Coordinate new ways of paying
    • Investigate alternative sources of income
    • Encourage donations
    • Infographics? Coordinate with Romy :D
  • Bank Links

(20 mins)

Amendments to the Articles of Association

In this section we discuss and review any proposed amendments to the articles of association: Co-Facilitator: [List Co-Facilitator]

Conflict Resolution

In this section we address any conflicts that have gone through the conflict resolution process as described here: Co-Facilitator: [List Co-Facilitator]



  • George (and James)
  • Tim has done research on crime statistics and it turns out that Oakland is the #1 city in the US for this kind of crime and that within Oakland, most of the crimes occur within a mile of sudo. In the last 5 days, 40 crimes happened in our immediate area.
  • Incident with photographs
  • Armed robbery with a gun outside sudoroom
  • Possible witness - overhead two kids on bikes "owned someone" near sudoroom
  • April, Leon, and Tim are all strongly convinced that there is a high possibility that sudoroom has been or is being cased.
  • Chance of a general robbery of sudoroom
  • "Apple picking"
  • Door was unlatched - do not ever unlatch the door! - if door jiggles, it needs to be latched


  • Add camera to security buzzer / sign people in (our landlord has 6 or 7 already but they are not that noticeable as a deterrent)
  • Put up a sign / Keep door closed
  • Hackerspace culture tensions (hacker culture annonymity vs safety)
  • Signs ("you're on camera")and visible cameras
  • Let the neighborhood know that items within the space are tracked
  • Get ourselves listed as a Community Service Provider? - April suggests we not associate with punishment in any way.
  • Install PreyProject (it's open source!) on your devices
  • Install strong protection on your phone.
  • ZoneMinder - open source linux surveillance system
  • Outreach! Хорошо
    • Link up with OTX West to do trainings and give out computers here
    • Contact churches, school group
  • Note 826 Valencia: The Pirate Store (after-school literacy program)
    • ideas? Talk after meeting. Jailbreaking? Computers? Literacy? Phone Security?
  • Misc Links
  • How do other spaces deal with security issues?

Real Estate / Alternative Real Estate

  • New space discussion (with Tim)
  • Tim:
    • Has pulled the property data - including zoning and back taxes due - and created a map of the Bay Area
    • Become a 501(c)3 and pay the back tax on a property, with a proposal to benefit low-income folks in the local area [eg; ewaste]
  • Priorities / values
    • Historical / Previous requirements for any potential space are listed here:
    • Please note that those are from last year and is in need of updates--let's do that now!
    • Exterior security - safety of the surrounding area
    • Lease vs month-to-month rent (latter preferred)
    • Kitchen / communal kitchen
    • Street-facing
    • No regressions from the current space
    • Strategy
  • Use (ask Romy or Matt for admin access)
    • Tweet any space details @sudoroom
    • Email
  • Renew Craigslist posting looking for friends?
    • were there any responses to the first posting?

Logos! Ryan

  • Could we make a wiki page on this?

Landlord Situation

  • [postponed] Landlord situation
  • What to do about request to have elevator locked at night?
  • Well, how do we get in?
  • Thank them for all their help and how awesome they are
  • We would love to be better tenants!
  • Update them on the state of the access system
  • Trash/recycling - we need a key for access to the trash
    • George doesn't want to give the key to people because he doesn't trust us to properly sort the trash.
    • We need to be able to access the trash or
  • Suggest requests be made in writing, a little more formalized, because there are often folks in the space he addresses who are new to the community.
    • Suggest a monthly in-person check-in instead!
  • Immediately write down what George requests and forward it along to him and sudo-discuss for confirmation.

Membership Benefits

  • [possibly postponed] discussion around membership benefits (has infographic)
  • Probationary period for new members, upon which 24/7 access is granted
  • Let's ship something soon, and its imperfection will enrage those willing to hack on it =)

[[postponed]Publicity Pipeline

  • how do we have better outreach strategies both for sudo room and for sudo room events?
  • Gwibber

501(c)3 status and fiscal sponsors

Membership management system

  • Some codez
  • Billz codez
  • Andrew set up the keypad system and reached out to the Public School (if it doesn't work he will fix it tonight :-) try code 31337)
  • What kind of information to publicly display?
  • Buzzer access to other tenants in the building
  • Bitcoin payment mechanism implementation (Romy)

Funding ideas

Post-Meeting Small Group Meetups and Discussion

  • Discussion of this Friday [Marina, Jenny, Eddan, Ryan, others?]
  • Council of the Exchequers [Eddan] => Email eddan at!
  • Circuitboards for learning to solder! [JC]
  • Discussion on privacy and security [April, Leon, Bill, George]
  • Giving Jordan a ride home
  • Learn more about hacking land & property laws