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Check out the Meeting archives here: How to use this agenda draft: Please substitute items in [ ] with text for this particular meeting June 26 2013


jenny, substack, len, patrick, sam, patrick, timon, daniel


Let's get to know each other! Co-Facilitator: [List Co-Facilitator]

  • Introduction to purpose and format of this meeting

Brief personal intros (< 20 sec per person)

  • [Go-around topic]

Icebreaker (10 min)

  • [Pair/small group discussion on a topic.]

Announcements (Consent Agenda)

Use this section to briefly announce and consent to items that need no more details or discussion Co-Facilitator: [List Co-Facilitator] (< 8 minutes)

   Sudo Kids:
   Want more coordinators!
   Brainstorm different activities, with the kids on Tuesdays, while cooking
   Sam, Timon, Patrick, Marina, Ray
   Will potentially need another night of the week due to changes in schedule :(
   Public School movie nights [every other?] Tuesday, perhaps staggering Tuesdays twice a month and maybe Mondays w/ musical instruments!!
   Outdoor portion of Sudo Kids this Sunday at Hearth house in West Oak. Come play with ducks and construct things!
   Sudo-POSSE Party in cooperation with BACE Timebank. Planning Potluck this Friday from 7-9pm!
   3rd Fridays avalable? First one in July. (Potluck Orientation Skillshare Swapmeet Event)- Lets invite public school, democracy project, oakland-wiki for a Meta Networking Event?
   Cleaning of Natural Decay - Move to Wednesday nights?
   Found a potential new location? Use (ask Matt for admin access) 
    Tweet any space details @sudoroom 
   Interested  in more inter-hackerspaces collab? Join Open Hack  Night every Monday  at 7pm @LOL (1234 23rd Avenue, San Antonio (east  Oakland)). LOL is a POC, Queer and Women-organized hackerspace. It is radically inclusive--EVERYONE is a desired member! Their organizers  want us to  do   more stuff at each others' spaces.
   Next BACH Event: Third Saturdays, next is 7/20, 6pm at Hacker Dojo -
   Sudo Bike - ask Matt about borrowing it for a set period of time, or for donations to "Sudo Bike" 
   Every Thurs. at 7PM: Oakland Wiki meetup!
   Every Thurs. at 8:30pm: Mesh Networking meetup:
    sign up for a slot at
    contact marina for training, or test out the documentation:


Use this section to review old tasks and propose new tasks. Keep topics brief - if topics are large, they can spillover into later discussion, after-meeting small group discussion, listserv discussion, or next meeting discussion Co-Facilitator: [List Co-Facilitator] (< 30 mins)

Old Action Items:

   Door Access: Current status and next steps
   Document  process for editing access codes & whether it's possible to have  temporary access codes (Andrew) - Marina will follow up with Andrew
   state of the camera - web access, recording, access to camera computer
   Has a local drive storing video, needs to make a remote setup
   Ray will spearhead putting together curriculum for youth in the community - Bill suggests a workshop on security
   Jenny  will start a spreadsheet for churches, schools, and other community  groups that we can do outreach to for people to sign up to meet with  specific organizations:
   POSTPONED - Tim will share the map of potential properties available for purchase.
   POSTPONOED - Jenny to call bank to find out about online access 
   EVERYONE: CLEAN and encourage others to clean! Model good behavior and  suggest cleaning to other people. It is our responsibility to help  everyone in our community grow in their ability to act cooperatively :D

New Action Items:

   points brought up in Perimeter Security Document (emailed @sudo-discuss and available at
   The Overhead Light In The Entryway - Timon will notify George
   The Trees Across The Street
   the parking deck next door
   The Intersection Of 22nd & Broadway --- (has been fixed)
   the coordination of a call-in campaign if necessary
   This is awesome! Thank you!
   Add calendar [] to Infobot's screensaver [Max]
   Update calendar for common space [Jenny]
   Update events protocol:
   Regular check-in between The Public School and Sudo Room - Thursday evening Supper Club potlucks starting at 6
   Ask Ryan to put up the logo designs on the wiki [Jenny]
   SpaceAPI to indicate space open/closed [Jenny talk to Andrew]

Postponed: items here are not for discussion, only for reference for later meetings so that we don't forget about them :)

  • Add robots.txt for sudo room (open item for anyone to take on) MATT (out of town)

[Postponed] Talk to Danny O'Brien, intro from JC to Jordan, invite him to come to a future sudo meeting to share insight!

    • Straight to the source--but out of the country :( Will be back later this month and Jordan will follow up then.
  • [Postponed until necessary] Eddan - Reference letter from George
  • [Postponed until necessary] Jenny sync with Troy on library - Not yet but they will
  • Set up date for label-printing organizing of stuff event - Jenny!1 -troy
    • still need to set a date
  • [Postponed until someone throws Romy a massive love bomb] Romy to lead diagram for Articles of Association amendment
  • Romy to work with Troy to turn the articles into a flow diagram. Diagrams and drawings of sudo room members being passed around.
  • [Postponed until ?] Add articles to github (gitorious!!!!!!!? - - Yardena is going to put these articles up

Fiscal Solvency

In this section we review our current financial situation and budget, approve monthly budgets, and discuss any other finance-related issues. Exchequer: We need a new exchequer Co-Facilitator:

   Setting up co-exchequers
   The future of the ex-chequer (items suggested from 5/29 meeting):
    New exchequer (tasks): 
    Get on bank account 
    Follow up on deposits made 
    Presents budget during meetings 
    Coordinates with scribe to make budget available to all members [transparency] 
    Determine if per-member dues can be reduced 
    Forecasting longer-term budget 
   Exchequer tasks that could easily be done do-acraticly: 
    Coordinate new ways of paying 
    Investigate alternative sources of income 
    Encourage donations 
    Infographics? Coordinate with Romy :D
   Bank  Links
   Documentation: (out of date?)
   Update information about login to bank (might make this private)

Amendments to the Articles of Association

In this section we discuss and review any proposed amendments to the articles of association: Co-Facilitator: [List Co-Facilitator]

Conflict Resolution

In this section we address any conflicts that have gone through the conflict resolution process as described here: Co-Facilitator: [List Co-Facilitator] Test Driven Governance:


Add any discussion or other agenda item spillover to this section Co-Facilitator: [List Co-Facilitator]

   Discussion of Common Space coordination and communication channels [Micaela]
   Michaela has made an awesome website for coordinating the common space:
   We decided to have a regular check-in between Public School and Sudo Room, First Thursdays Supper Club starting at 6pm.
   Library System - shared between sudo room
   Max has begun setting it up!
   The Summer Sudo Sparseness
   Jenny started an Outreach spreadsheet - please add to it and sign up to make contact, drop off fliers, etc!
   Paper calendars? 
   Does summer hackerspacing have a repelling effect on folks?
   Field trips and outdoor excursions
   Saturday night dance parties 

Landlord Situation

   [Possibly postponed] Landlord situation 
   Update them on the state of the access system 
   Trash/recycling - we need a key for access to the trash 
   George doesn't want to give the key to people because he doesn't trust us to properly sort the trash. 
   We need to be able to access the trash.  
   Suggest requests be made in writing, a little more formalized,  because there  are often folks in the space he addresses who are new to  the  community. 
   Suggest a monthly in-person check-in instead! 
   Immediately write down what George requests and forward it along to him and sudo-discuss for confirmation. 

Membership Benefits

    [possibly postponed] discussion around membership benefits (has infographic)
    Probationary period for new members, upon which 24/7 access is granted 
    Let's ship something soon, and its imperfection will enrage those willing to hack on it =)
    [[possibly postponed]Publicity Pipeline - how do we have better outreach strategies both for sudo room and for sudo room events? 
   501(c)3 status and fiscal sponsors: 
   Could for example Noisebridge open up a bank account for us?
   Membership management system  
    Some codez
    Billz codez
    Andrew    set up the keypad system and reached out to the Public  School (if it   doesn't work he will fix it tonight :-) try code 31337) 
   What kind of information to publicly display? 
   Buzzer access to other tenants in the building 
    Bitcoin payment mechanism implementation (Romy) 
    Funding ideas 
    Current list here:
    People were reminded to add their names next to projects they were interested in, unclear how many did so. 
    Next steps? 
    Membership & Access Discussion: who is a member? what are the benefits of membership? how is membership related to access? 
    Articles of Association on member benefits:
    Made staggered wepay system, seeking feedback/improvements:
    Summary of possible membership benefits structures:
    Straw poll on membership and access:

Post-Meeting Small Group Meetups and Discussion

Co-Facilitators: YOU! & ?

Scribe: Convert notes to wiki page and email the list with a link to the notes page and a succinct list of highlights (including action items). --> THis is rom I can' make it otnight I'm making a separate ethernet pad for maintenance

this is female faust and i'll be there late apologies

so security items please push back if necessary thx