Meeting Notes 2013-08-14

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Attendance / Icebreaker

tell a story about keys

  • jordan gave someone ssh access to with ssh keys
  • anthony was looking for the key to enlightenment
  • david lived on an island with neither keys nor doors
  • chris dropped a bike lock key down the gutter, but found the other one
  • ray learned the key to finding keys - look without looking
  • liberty is not a fan of key apps
  • andy got scammed by fake locksmiths
  • jenny recalls sudoroom's famous lockpicking workshop
  • gregg knows a cool trick for squatting in houses [redacted]
  • timon once had all the keys to this building
  • sarah had to mansplain PKI to some men
  • andrew locked his keys in a strongbox on purpose
  • nimbus reminds everyone to chmod 400 ~/.ssh/$keys
  • donyan has no story about keys
  • clay is an artist
  • andrew solved a DEFCON puzzle using keys or something

Announcements (Consent Agenda)

Other announcements:

  • Public School Summer School Week
    • Info Day is on the 31st - Cryptoparty & Mesh Networking
  • Cryptoparty postponed for August 31st! (Info Day)
  • Sunday 25th, photo gallery day
  • fresh blended juices and juice bar at sudo with nutri-bullet!
  • Metal-Working at a shop on Adeline St - talk to Jenny!
  • Artist-in-Residence opportunities at Instructables' new space
  • Collaboration with Food Not Bombs - meetings @ Long Haul


Old Action Items:

  • Add to the Sudo Room Neighborhood Outreach spreadsheet and take on a few to reach out to:
    • Everyone? Jenny has added! Rabbit added! You should too!
  • 1. Research tax structures [1] 2. [...] 3. Non-Profit! [Danny, Brendan] plus
  • Action Item: Become a California Non-profit Corporation - Brendan proposes this for discussion meeting on August 21st and August 28th. This is to be followed by the August 31st Today I Learned session on hacking the articles of association.
  • Auto-reminder for weekly meetings [Bill, and Nate]
    • group me? *Jenny will ping Bill
  • Make a flier, talking points [Jenny & Juul]
    • Jenny & Juul - copy, Anthony - lettering, Substack - art!
  • Talk to JC re: sudomate funds [Jenny, Ray]


  • Add robots.txt for sudo room (open item for anyone to take on)
  • [Postponed until necessary] Eddan - Reference letter from George
  • git-ify & flow-diagram-ify our articles of association - Brendan
  • Add calendar to Infobot's screensaver [Max]
  • Library - until RPS
  • Catalog - Max

Fiscal Solvency

In this section we review our current financial situation and budget, approve monthly budgets, and discuss any other finance-related issues.

Amendments to the Articles of Association

Conflict Resolution

Marina gets sudo kudos for helping out with issues during the week Ariel conflict discussion

Discussion Spillover

  • Sudo Tactics - Matt
  • next meeting, split into two groups:
   1. Membership
   2. Fundraiser, crowd-funding campaign
  • Check out for example!
  • Hacking Finance and Fiscal Solvency as part of campaign

Post-Meeting Groups

  • dumpster diving