Meeting Notes 2013-09-18

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=Attendance / Icebreaker=
=Landlord Discussion=
*Building security
*Cleanliness of the common space
*Conflicts w/ George's verbal abuse
**Major discomfort re: this behavior around children
*Insurance / liability a huge concern
*David suggests we could solve some of the security issues, stay tight on the cleaning and the issues could potentially peter out

==Ideas Moving Forward==
*We could pair with Berkeley Biolabs and Counter Culture Labs and rent the whole floor
*Give a 3 months notice and find a new space in that time
*Request that George and Laurie actually respond to our points before meeting in-person

=Sudo Space=
*Reach out to other groups [eg Hacker Scouts]
*Look at and evaluate other spaces
*Actual membership
*Crowdfunding campaign
**Come up with a board
*501c3 and/or fiscal sponsorship
*More outreach
*Procure more swag
*Talk to Margo Prado
*Find a realtor

==Minimal Vulnerabilities==
*Building Insurance in place
*Liability insurance procured if necessary

=Minimum Requirements=
Our absolute minimum for a space:�

  • BART is close by�
  • Disability / wheelchair access�
  • Vehicle parking (motor and human-powered) is possible.�
  • Bathroom�
  • Sink (at least one, but preferably outside of bathroom)�
  • Late access (preferably 24 hour)�
  • Ability to make some noise (at least event noise)�
  • Internet�
  • Electricity�
  • Security and privacy�
    • e.g. not a hallway or shared access with other tenants we don't know.�
  • Landlord must either support the idea or be agnostic
  • Month-to-month lease preferable

*Juul's suggested membership policy (incorporating Jake's ideas):
*People who use it run it
*Laurie had suggested a trial membership

Southern Exposure - foundation agency that gives grants to hackerspaces
*eg; presentation tools [milliscope]