Meeting Notes 2013-10-16

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Attendance / Icebreaker

  • Icebreaker: should i stay or should i go


   marc, matt, eddan, miguel, max, jordan, danny,
   we  have concensed that if there are no objections accompanied by an  alternative set of article of assocition within a week that we will use  the articles of association marc has proposed to drive to sacramento and  get incorporated


  • public schule general meeting tommorow 530

articles of incorporation

marc is proposing a modified form of noisebridges articles of incorporation. finer points

board of directors

we can kick them out by majority vote thinking of ways to have them be officious but without too much dictator powers

  • Alternatives proposed
    • Term limited stop gap board
    • Charade board "cardboard cut out", only do bare minimum. (liked by peeps)
    • No fundraising

=board action

the four things that are necessary for a board action are:

  • meeting
  • notice
  • quorum
  • voting

decision making

board would decide by consensus n-1 a certain number of nonboard members would have to be at every board session for quourum with no executive session

profit donations records funding

this has to be non-profit, what activities are precluded for that? start-ups. maybe peeps are not ok with that.

federal tax status

we will do 501c* and decide the wildcard later

articles of association by laws

we need by laws and they could be based on articles of association should include

  • exclude board members from voting in recall
  • require open meetings
  • have some number of nonvoting member
  • no exec session

risk assessment

there will power in a few people, can this be stemmed by cultural norms and ease to


from the noisebridge copypasta

articles 6.1

who becomes members? noisebridge says one person has to vouch you~ or application process

articles 3

this is noisbridge copypasta plus our values from articles of association