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Attendance / Icebreaker

  • Icebreaker: your personal philosophy of change

Present: giovanni, matt, eddan, vicki, tom, alex, marcus, sergio, brendan, leslie, john, marc, rhodey, jordan 1. Announcements

   What brought all these new folks?
   Leslie - Fund-riaser - Ferment Change couldn't happen at Humanist Hall (too expensive) :( -- plus referral from Patrick
   Brendan - North Carolina State University Librarian, operates a maker space, expanding soon into a larger, more hands-on environment in main lib. Here for a conf at Stanford (fablearn)
   Marcus - Architect, art and science, technology with glowing plants, on email list. Hosting Sergio, did a little show, connecting to activist communities.
   Sergio - studies contemporary art in Milan. Question capitalism, open projects, critical of copyright. Public projects and public money, despite power system such as in art.
   Giovanni Re - Low-Power FM Radio
   Oakland has 3 frequencies free, SF has 1
   Word on the street that many religious organizations will be applying
   us vs the mormons
   Amateur is not opposite to professional -- it means love, damn it.
   Noisebridge is a device to tune attennas!
   Norman Bradley announces FCC accepting applications, he's been working with Noisebridge.
   John is doing outreach to other orgs to have more folks apply. 
   What is the chance?
   How much time to apply?
   No financial cost, takes about an hour once you have all the information prepared. 
   If you're granted a license, you have to buy certified equipment, ~$1,000 - $2,000
   more like $5000-$25000 says jake who has actually helped set up LPFM stations
   Cost also of finding a location for the antenna
   Are they waiving the second-adjacent channel requirement?
   To be decided. currently it is not waived, so there are ZERO stations in the bay area.
   Hope it will happen, can't know for sure.
   Deadline is November 14th. Soon. 
   Ferment Change event, happening at sudo. - Leslie
   All funds are benefiting Fat Beets Produce that has to move from their current location in the next few months. They have have a farm stand once a month. They're a farm stand that has the ability for people in the community to be able to prepare and sell foods. They also work with farmers who are vendors, and run a CSA (community-supported agriculture box service).
   A month of different events. Workshops, co-founder of Fat Beets works on it, lots of stuff there. This weekend is Kimchi making for instance.
   Also the Tour de Ferment which is a homebrew bike tour (two days of it--and it's not even full yet [$20 sliding scale]) Ride around and drink beer all day.
   Contact Leslie (
   In the past have had Bougie event that didn't even bring that much money :( -- a sit-down dinner. Now we want to have a potluck....
   AT SUDO ROOM!!!!!!!!11
   Provide rice + salad for vehicles for various homemade foods.
   Real, not funky beer is likely from Lagunitas. OooOooOooooOOOoOOOoOoo
   November 22nd, 6pm - 10pm, acoustic music, workshop demonstrations, etc.
   Aaron Swartz Memorial Hackathon November 8-10, 2013 @ noisebridge -
   Theory of Change + Productivity
   BADcamp - Thurs - Sunday Oct 24 - 27, UC Berkeley.
   It's FREE
   Internet Archive event
   just a few days on the 38 geary
   electronic music event in our common space, saturday 10/26

2. Articles of Incorporation

   Eddan brought up co-op models and other forms of corporations, based on implicit hierarchy.
   You can't /really/ get rid of the hierarchy, Noisebridge basically just ignores it (as best as possible)
   Eddan also told me (Matt) that he doesn't want to propose an alternative at this time, not worth it at the moment .
   people who can give us advice:
   the meeting warmly did not-not-consent to incorporating with the articles
   volunteers to be on sudo's board:
   there should be a discussion about who is on the board, and consensus on a list
   what about nominations? that's the "ask" list. - created after i asked ;)
   Asked: Yar (no, sorry)
   Ask: Troy, Eddan, Marina, Morten, Liberty
   Offered: marc, hol, matt, jenny

3. Ensuring that events are aligned with sudo room values

   There was an event in the building that was sponsored by Northrop-Gruman (defense $ contractor), but it was also a local teacher working with students, so there was an opportunity to "convert" them. Two problems:
   1. sucked. This resulted in a delay.
   2. Folks didn't see the event posted because of short-notice. 
   How do we work on these issues?
   N number of days to event? But this is difficult...
   What's an event, what's not? 
   Phone tree - A couple people add their name in case they're interested in vetting events. 
   Maybe a "less than 48 hours, make a call"
   Member vetting? Unofficial sudo events might be a good way to think about this. Official only in retrospect.
   Veto power of each member
   Vicky and Marc discussed potentially starting a system on the mailing list to mark [Tags] such as [!] (meaning, read this thing ASAP).
   Action Items:
   * Phone trees - notification of email only.
   Calls / Texts you?  - Tom :D
   * Contacts for awesome event collaboration, for feedback on last-minute events
   Timon, Marc, Tom, Matt, Jenny
   Categories of events we strongly discourage
   events not open to the public (already a long established policy)
   events sponsored by or held by arms manufacturers or defense industry
   possible other categories if they arise - list acknowledged as incomplete
   There won't be extra infrastructure for vetting events but these values will be applied do-o-cratically by the community. To help with this, we strongly encourage tags to be used on the mailing list:
   [event] for events
   [!] for urgent or potentially controversial things

4. After- Meeting Teamups

   LPFM / giovanni