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3 pinneapples, 12 bananas, 25 apples, 60 pears, and clod of celery.

Icebreaker: Give an example of how you are paranoid about security, or in general.
    Max - wireless charging in toothbrush
    Daniel - whiteboard at home with a circle in the middle about privacy, maybe privacy is already lost
    Ed (einstein) - "not paranoia they really are out to get us"
    Matt - "people's safety"

    Vicky - "losing my memory"

    JC - "leave no digital trace" <-- until now

    Anca - Jehan's mom visiting from Vermont - "cool housing community" 

    Tony - "texting while driving"

    Elvin - paranoid about how social websites can log you into every website ever.

    Marc - "wipe my harddrive and install a clean os before crossing a border"

    Rhodey - autocompletion on security

    yar - http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/?q=tor+bug+tracker

    Line 16 - speaking in short sentences

    Diku - "pitiless gaze of the future staring down at us." "lots of stray humans"

    Dante - "posting stuff online"

    Sam - "all my software efforts are in vain, because of hardware chipping"

    Brandon - careful about porn more than anything.

1. Announcements

    Events for this week:

    Review the events for this week--what's happening?

    Rackspace maybe wants to give us money?

    We were recommended for a grant ;)

    but requires W-9 forms, do we have that?

    for the w-9 we need the board of directors (true? - unknown)

    apparently there are still options

    grant is approx $4000

    not 100% we would get it, but quite likely

    Update on The Omni

    The omni a space

    everyone at a previous meeting agreed it was a good idea to pursue it further

    its more difficult to buy, business mortgages apparently need 30-50% of 1.9million. lease at $13,000 per month for two years

    Marc is getting more info from owner before he can propose a consensus item.

    leasing triple-net means you are more responsible than a regular tennant.

    updates to the wiki

    Vicky is a superhero with regards to the wiki

    categorizing the wiki into events/projects/stubs'

    "the tortoise will win the race"

    yar - "our long term goal is to turn the wiki into the front page" noisebridge-style

    vicky invites people to work with her - on vicky time. (STOP. It's Vicky time.)

    Board ratification is delayed in favor of antidramatic juice-a-thon

    regret to inform beloved room that faust will not be accepting nomination at this time, due to unfortunate conflict; she hopes that this opportunity presents itself again in the future.  she also expects to be there, albeit late, with cake.

    julio accepts nomination

    Y u no ?

    everyone not privy to this drama is thinking "thank goodness"

    It should look more like this:

    New color laser printer :D

    consent to spend less than $200 for the printer for toner

    if someone wanted to donate.

    it's awesome!

    Are we incorporated? Can we start getting a real bank account and moving services off members' private credit cards?

    Matt investigated a couple of credit unions. Makes a recommendation:

    Do get an Internet Archive Federal Credit Union account (don't use it for too much)

    Must pay for frequent debit transactions

    Most services take charges.

    Do get a Patelco Federal Credit Union account (use for debit, bills)


    People's Federal Credit Union

    Cooperative Federal Credit Union

    "note that with credit unions you can often do transactions at a credit union not yours and have them post to yours, they are in cahoots as credit unions" - faust

    we have 2 bitcoins, marc controls the wallet but will transfer it to us as soon as there is an "us"

    rhodey - if theres no penalty for just  go for it

    Update from Timon and Marc on alcohol permit situation

    Timon- Marc was right

    get smashed for $35 with an average of 3 days noticed.

    $35 with 3 days notice

    Thankstaking potluck?

    faust is in, ok faust, take it.

    seeking date/time/deets

2. Articles of Incorporation

    not approving board of directors (see above)

3. Finances

    all our new cash == standing funds. hands off, act normal.

    no exchequer? no bank balance info?

    current exchequer team does not currently have access to online bank account (can't wait to move to patelco!). check from soex on its way after completion of contract, w-9, signatures, which will be presented to the group at the next meeting.

4. conflict resolution

    Timon - constable/conflict steward. The conflict that neither of the two parties wanted to bring t o us. Elliot and Shake. Timon noted them, both of them declined to meet officially. 

    Shake is showing good faith by sharing some perspective.

    the private portion is proceeding.

    Shake speaks - he likes sudo room - he helped dj. at some point he was just working and elliot asked questions about an occupy oakland. he felt like he did explain to elliot, they even went outside. he felt like he wasn't welcome any more. then he found out he had a conflict on the agenda. "keep in mind that i do not want anyone to be uncomfortable because of me". says that because he is a political figure that there will always be oppoonents. now feels uncomfortable because he doesn't understand that why elliot.  gives a message that he wants to be here and help

    Eventually, sudo came around to realize that our actions during the meeting are not the best execution and interpretation of our Conflict Resolution procedure of the Articles of Association, ending the conversation about the details of any specific conflicts. 

    tl;dr shake tried his best but we can't do anything because the other person never showed up

    If anyone has a conflict or wants to resolve things they may have heard or speculate with other members, reach out to the person in question, or find another sudoer to act as a mediator.

mate made $128
5. After- Meeting Teamups 

    bank teamupu

    juice meetup

6. Action Items

    marc  -to investigate printer recoup cost

    to message ar

    timon -message art murmur mailing list about alcohol license


7. Additional Notes