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;question is what is delicious?
marc, ben, max, eddan, jc, tom, hol, matt, bryce (hacdc woooo!), marina (defunct web service), romy, vicky, morten (hot steel), Noel Gallo, jon from urban strategis council (mama mia cornbread)
Action items from last meeting need to be completed.
* Calendar
* is a public-facing email!

    * If you want to receive these messages, join the list

    * Remember that people messaging this do not assume it will be posted publicly. Archives not public to respect their privacy.

* Hamburg hosting Chaos Computer Congress (CCC) hacker convention, more social justice oriented, though there is still plenty of security stuff. Not sure if talks are posted yet. Equal parts hacking, socializing, three days, it's awesome. 

    * <- last years talk schedule


    * December 27th-30th, 2013 – Hamburg, Germany

    * Only $100, airline now $1300.

* Max is going to read a list of places and percentages. Guess what the statistics are!
* Facebook post to start a mackerspace in basement of The Buzzword Hub: Oakland. #h#a#s#h#t#a#g#i#t#s#a#r#e#a#l#t#h#i#n#g#

    * If you're interested in fielding the proposal, seeking something more like TechShop, less like Noisebridge?

* Sudo room maintains a positive disposition, excited for enabling a creative community and hackerspace to flourish.
==fiscal solvency==
*max comments since the treasurer of the board is the one person that takes on liability for sudo room, shouldn't that person be the exchequer with a finance committee to lighten bookkeeping.

    * Only liability is whether the accounting is done correctly. Otherwise it's the general liability of being a board member. This is similar to Noisebridge. That being said, I am not a lawyer (IANAL). 

    * Max: It's all good.

    * Matt needs to get bank accounts, Patelco and Internet Archive Federal Credit Union

    * https//

==ammendments to articles of incorporation==
*approve the board

    Accepted: count 3

    Max K [treasurer],

    Jenny Rcheck,

    Naomi Mcheck,

    Anca Mcheck,

    Hol Gcheck,

    Vicky Kcheck,

    Matt Scheck,

    Luciano onaicuL unknown human, no consensus,

    Troy Mcheck,

    Liberty Mcheck,

    Marina Kcheck,

    Julio Rcheck,

    Romy check,

    Marc J check

    First board retreat Jjimjilbang (찜질방) -- these are gender segregated :(


       Declined: Jordan, Kerrie, Anthony, Eddan, Ryan B, Morten, JC

       Nominated: Rhodey, Len, Vian, Shake, Mitch, Brendan, Faust

* Rackspace grant (not raytheon)

    * Got a random email on They wanted info that we have since we just incorporated anyway. Marc sent in all the info. Say something if you think rackspace is wack (doesn't seem likely) or some reason not to get no-strings-attached cash. 

* The Omni update

    Marc and Matt speak:

    48th and Shattuck

    21k sq ft

    $16k/mo 2-3 years

    Deposit $50k

    $1.95MM sale price

    collective of collectives, opportunity for community

    The opportunity on the table is to be able to engage in a lease that has a purchase option for this building. The landlord is seeking serious parties to create a genuine community space. Not anyone would 

    Max dissents:

    0.6mi from MacArthur BART which means

    exposing visitors to additional risk walking

    further from E and W oakland, which means we will be less able to offer our services to those areas, which in turn is disproportionately affecting lower socioeconomic classes, which is against our mission.

    not in downtown w/ 1st friday

    more expensive and we have low finances

    Matt speaks:

    Need to find bldg inspector and architect to check building

    Opportunity is in having a community of other groups all in building

    Find out more about guarantors, get specifics from landlord

    Add contingency in purchase for permitting, inspection, etc

    Vicky speaks:

    Look for welfare setup to avoid property tax

    If have enough nonprofit sub-entities, can be exempt from property taxes

    Hol Speaks:

    "Doubles down" on range from BART issue ie it is an issue.

    Matt speaks:

    Not too into range from BART metric, many issues here, hard to find a good spot but continue actively looking for best option.


    Discussing Rachel's thread about gentrifying effect.  Temescal vs here, mugging, we have computer$ on our bodies.  A business had customers robbed en route to BART. We would be perceived as gentrifiers in temescal.  Would never walk down telegraph at night. 

    Eddan on stack:

    supports what Matt was saying, that is, not to pass up an opportunity. we said we wanted to connect with other groups.  it would be valuable just to go through the research phases though.


    and third point. It would be a positive next step. wants to Take a step back from emphasizing the need to move. 


    I want to value everyone's participation and input. 

    Max on stack:

    offer to post this discussion to board and also vindicate matt


    just make sure that this


    Do you feel like we are good faith collaborating?


    Basically, yes.


    2 things going on. 1 is the omni. and yes its possibly its too expensive. but 2. we are increasing collaborating with other groups so that's good, it might not be the omni, but it is a good step to getting new place.

    REmote yar:

     also doeSnt like tHe locatiOn but likeS the susainability part Of it


* Sudouino


    * Hol doesn't necessarily have to, but is asking to use the sudo name and such for this project.

    * Marc: is it open hardware? Hol: Yes. Marc: Will chinese people suffer? Hol: No only the most local people will suffer. 

    ...break for bad religion lyrics: And then you told me how bad you had to suffer, Is that really all you have to offer?...

    * Device has 7-pin holes, just like the sudoroom logo--it will fit perfectly!

    * What's different about this from an arduino?

    * Power


* Aorta (like the heart bit) Proposal

    * bum-bum, bum-bum, bum-bum, bum-bum

    vicky: i want that.

    marina: is it free?

    max: maybe. if not we can pay a bit

    *marc: pay them in bitcoin

    Matt will reach out to Jiwon.   


      (^_^)  //




    / /
* Gender and Inclusivity
*collab more with rps
*make a button that starts an I'm NEW HERE WELCOME ME ALARM.
* Email list thoughts
** WORD of the WISE: Let's Decode
this means, that we should help each other understand what's happening on the email list. To decode it. <- that was emphasis on the phrase, "Yep."
==conflict resolution==
*nothing to do unless someone is pursuing an action against someone else and mediation has failed
==action items==
* marc -- to investigate printer recoup cost
* timon -message art murmur mailing list about alcohol license
* marc - tell oakland wiki folk to update calendar to every two weeks
*if so, hol and max volunteer to be this first team with max treasurer and hol assistant treasurer
*max to post omni debate to
*mail those who were elected to board but not approved
*matt to contact jiwon
===post-meeting teamups==