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  • Ice-breaker question: what is your favorite kind of wave? and/or describe the vista through a window in your mind

present: yar (waves out the window), max (idyllic urban seascape), carl (pyramid in the distance and blue skies), tom professional tom (giant spiralling vortices and cubes, hassan a guest today (a raider's flag), daniel (influenced by a movie he watched last night on netflix, a window blacish, planet destroyed, but then he blinked and saw a person meditating), chris (waves 4 to 7 feet, 10 seconds between them, riding them in intervals)(the singluarity), matt (paint was chipping off the edges, and it needed some painting). marc (likes all waves that aren't visible and xray), Virtual Vicky's window is the barrel of an ocean wave. what does that mean vicky? A barrel is often what surfers see when the wave covers their body but doesn't enclose them completely. jamie (a wavering kitten), jenny (a hacker tree house forest village), angus (the moon and some stars), faust (gravity wave,feline)

        ,:._       ~-_
            `\        ~-_
              | _  _  |  `.
            ,/ /_)/ | |    ~-_
   -..__..-  \_ \_\ `_      ~~--..__...----... AN OCEAN WAVE ...


Action items from last meeting need to be completed.

  • marc -- to investigate printer recoup cost -- NOPE.
  • Rackspace grant (not raytheon) (follow-up?) Waiting for a response.
  • Max: Aorta phoned back, I told them what was going on, they are going to write a proposal for an antioppression workshop for us.
    • Any word on Jiwon?
    • Starting this week is good
      • we probably can't afford too many sessions, so probably just do one big one for now
  • Board Meeting -
  • Chris: sudo mate keg is ready. Not as fizzy, not as sweet, will give you a panic attack :D


  • mixer proposed
    • we'll forward to sudo-discuss, any interested individual sudoer is free to invite them as a guest on the calendar, but we will be very clear that our org is not endorsing theirs


fiscal solvency

  • $1258.25 in bank
  • $276.76 from WePay (deposited) + $48.20 from WePay (will be deposited tomorrow)
  • $30 cash
  • Total: $1613.21
  • Can we please raise $100 *right now*? There was some talk of doing another fundraiser for this First Friday, but I think we can do it without throwing a big party. The solution is not fundraising, but solidifying our membership process (see notes below).

ammendments to articles of association

  • discussions soliciting input
  • defining membership
    • max: "subsudo" or suggested "subprocess"
      • The idea is that each member is required to be part of one or more "subsudo"s. A subsudo is kind of like a committee or commission. You declare an interest and responsibility in a preexisting subsudo or create your own. Its totally fine if you just want to make the Churro subsudo and be responsible for that, but the point is that everyone is responsible for some part of sudo that we can always ask them about, and show there's an expectation of committment.
    • max: raise minimum membership dues from $0 to $10
      • Help raise funds since we have not been meeting finance expecations.
      • Exceptions made on case-by-case basis?
      • If can't pay, what else to offer?
    • jenny: other factors to potentially include in our membership process:
      • While the space remains open to all, 'membership' solidifies one's commitment to the sudo room community, and minimum dues *can* be negotiated for, say, those who live without money and prefer to barter their time/skills.
      • 24/7 access is a perk of membership, and involves receiving a personalized keycode.
      • Limited offers of cubbies (an additional $10-20/month) and lockers ($30/month?) - we have about 22 cubbies and 8 (unused) lockers, so this could bring in close to $1k/month.
      • Agreement to our core values / Articles of Association
        • Could include 'Respect of space and cleanliness therein' - should perhaps propose this an an Amendment..?
      • Being vouched for by 1 or 2 current members - supportive skepticism
      • "Mutual Membership" extends membership to Noisebridge, LOL, possibly other spaces (would propose this to NB for consensus in coming weeks, wrt LOL I think it would be a more informal agreement that we can formalize as membership 'perks' for both communities). - Perhaps more of a "sister space" model that doesn't imply membership per se, but alliance/solidarity - Use Hacker Passports as entry tokens
    • sam says one of the things he's heard is that a membership requirement is to make a workshop where you teach your knowledge

other items

  • Cleanup procedures
    • There is now an 'Outbox' next to the 3D printer, to be emptied every Sunday PM
    • fire safety inside sudoroom, landlord INSISTS
  • From TABLED - Solidarity and Unity. Let's refocus. What's with all the division. Can we go back to the compact.
  • Move wednesday meeting time to 6:30, 7 sharp

conflict resolution

   Nothing to do unless someone is pursuing an action against someone else and mediation has failed

action items

make projects page on website - DONNNNNNNE max: write up more formalized version of "subsudos/subprocesses" jenny will upload photos of cleanliness to wiki

post-meeting teamups

radio waves first friday plannings with Phylean

    • djs, security, donations, drinks, outreach
    • phylean's # is 415 794 7789