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Ice-breaker: Your thoughts on time management? Attendees: yar (is very bad at it), xavier (fuck man), daniel (may come late, but will stay late), hol (things themselves manage my time), bill (uses a calendar), jenny (time manages me), substack (i don't do that), ardeen (i love you all - THROUGH THE ROOF), ed (does as little as he can get away with), matt (ceaselessly supportive time facilitation), marc (doesn't do it), max (its pointless to try and manage time since its does what it likes anyway.tgm for instance here is some footage of time going backwards, it may look like its going forwards but only because i've reversed the footage ).


Action items from last meeting need to be completed.

  • Rackspace grant (not raytheon) (follow-up?) Waiting for a response.
  • apparently deleted item about anti-oppression workshop
      • we probably can't afford too many sessions, so probably just do one big one for now
      • people who need it most won't be the ones who show up
      • but maybe a good chance for those who do, to build solidarity & form strategies - but might not need to pay for that



  • Calendar
    • Cryptoparty this Sunday, 12/15 from 2-5pm
  • Update on timon
    • Timon has been banned from the building by George (our landlord). It's not our responsibility to keep him out of the building, however, we have made it clear that he's not welcome in the sudo room proper.
    • Discussion of issues re: landlord jurisdiction over sudo room policy
  • Max: Can somebody take charge of organizing the anti-oppression training with Aorta Collective, I can forward correspondence?
    • Matt is following up with Jiwon to schedule a date for the Theater of the Oppressed workshop. Sudoers will be invited, those who are interested may be requested to reach out to invite others who would benefit from the event. \max *snaps*

sudoroom got rearranged, it is epic, y'all rule

fiscal solvency

  • ~$250 in bank
  • what is our REGULAR RELIABLE income?
    • $147/week = $639.19/month = 31.96% of $2000 (expenses)
    • how much do we make on wepay?
    • $400 in December (as of 12/11)
    • $250 in November
    • $915 in October
    • how much in monthly snail-mail checks? (georgeq hand-delivers these)
    • we need to MAKE UP THIS GAP
      • 313 more people giving $1.00/week $4.35/month
      • 157 more people giving $2.00/week $8.70/month
      • 105 more people giving $3.00/week $13.04/month
      • 23 more people giving $13.80/week $60.00/month <-- OFT-CITED DUES
      • 16 more people giving $20.24/week $88.00/month <-- TOMMY'S RECOMMENDED DUES
  • pressure every single member present at meeting to sign up. that means YOU!
  • Max: pressure every member that is not at the meeting to sign up. do we have phone numbers? <-- start with those who you do

ammendments to articles of association

  • Max: subsudo proposal made.
    • Juul suggests it be 'encouraged' instead of 'required'
    • Matt suggests the motivation is for every sudoer to feel responsibility toward some aspect of sudo, that one person could constitute a 'subsudo' and such a subsudo may be patently absurd [that this is a farcical amendment)
    • yar isn't sure what problem it solves, thinks it's a great project but doesn't belong in the articles
    • Jenny suggests it be a feature rather than a req.
    • Ask Max for a concise explanation of the concise purpose of this amendment [Action Item for Max]
    • Would it be more welcoming to let people know what theycan can do in order to plug in, or to empower them to create their own subsudos?
    • segues into a lot of discussion on the philosophies of hackerspace fundraising, membership, "we should build a box", etc -- as interpreted by yar who thinks it is bikeshedding at this point
    • marc thinks the box should be black

other items

  • Printing prices -
    • Recommending a BYOP policy - paper can be purchased at Kelly Paper on 27th:
    • Fund for ink refill is $173
    • yar is about to donate a b&w laser printer + spare toner
  • Membership definition! How do you become a member? How do you keep being a member? <-- think about it for next meeting. it's 9pm. yawn.
  • New hackerspace‽ New hackerspace? NEW HACKERSPAAAAACE!!!!

___________ __ ___. \_ _____/______ ____ _______/ |\_ |__ _______ ___

|    __) \_  __ \/  _ \/  ___/\   __\ __ \ /  _ \  \/  /
|     \   |  | \(  <_> )___ \  |  | | \_\ (  <_> >    < 
\___  /   |__|   \____/____  > |__| |___  /\____/__/\_ \
    \/                     \/           \/            \/
              Your friendly neighborhood hackerspace.   
  • Move wednesday meeting time to 6:30, 7 sharp?
    • matt wins it: potluck at 6:30, meeting at 7#
  • Hol: Add sudo shifts and formalize minimum economic level of engagement to be considered a member. I can help schedule shifts.
+1 on shifts, but also never turn away money from people who are paying money. right now money is more scarce than person-hours, IMO.
the energy should probably be put towards reaching out to potentially interested people -yar
  • $10/min/month membership proposal
    • Daniel: That will encourage people to only give 10
    • Yar blocks initially, then relinquishes
    • Let's give it time, see if it has an effect on our finances
  • New space discussion -
    • Lots of options, but regardless we need to renegotiate our lease for January - will continue to remain here month-to-month (now signed as sudo). If we want to do something different, we need to decide that this month.
    • Whole floor, including corner office and office across from Public School, now available for $6500/month.
    • George would also be happy if we rented just one more office in the common space ($900/month) - we might pursue groups who are in need of some space [eg; Mesh, Ners for Nature

conflict resolution

Nothing to do unless someone is pursuing an action against someone else and mediation has failed

action items

  • look at room
  • Investigate integrating Stripe and/or Balanced Payments [Jenny, Bill]
  • Concise explanation of the purpose of this amendment [Action Item for Max]
  • Ink donation jar
  • Look into other hackerspaces' accounting system [Jenny]
  • take on roommates
  • write out diff for $10 minimum proposal - Hol

post-meeting teamups

  • Hub - why is this on here?
  • Fundraising brainstorm