Meeting Notes 2014-01-29

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Proposed Meeting Format Change

  • Only one place for action items
  • "new members" is implied by Intro section
  • rename categories with Simple English


Q: can you hack one of these quotes? A:

  • max, RMS helps those who helps themselves
  • eli, no quotes
  • matt, when hell freezes over t
  • batches we don't need no stinking batches
  • Ladies and Gentleman of the class of 2014, backup your data.


  • Calendar
  • This Saturday's Today We Learned involves building compost toilets!
  • Stop the Domain Awareness Center event - Feb. 4th @ Oakland City Hall
  • Next Omni meeting is Thursday, Feb. 6th from 7-10pm [needs action, see below]
  • donated awesome tools
  • matt got nice things from craigslist, up for grabs
    • plywood
    • plexiglass
    • furniture
    • vacuum tube radio
  • Chris made our soundsystem portable. hack in progress.


   - Morten's ghost


  • $264.11/week from Gittip!
  • Marc is setting up an "Arcade Machine Video Portal To Other Hackerspaces" and needs a webcam
  • We have $9,287.89 in the bank
  • We need to take our infrastructure costs off of personal credit cards
    • Yar is waiting to set up a Tor exit node until our ISP is on the "company card"
  • Chris: Mate is unprofitable
    • Marc: did you advertise enough?
    • Max: big event + small cups + alcohol + pushy saleswomanship
    • guilt-trip the moochers
    • expose more responsive expense data to "customers"
    • Matt thinks it's untenable until there is a more regular production line


  • That members don't ever have to show up in person if they don't want voting rights.
  • NONVIOLENT REWORDING OF: To empower members to deal with problematic non-members, non-members can be thrown out at any time by a member if that members feel they are being a problem, _unless_ some other member present in the space is willing to vouch for the member as a guest. Non-members being asked to leave must be told that they can further discuss the incident at a Wednesday meeting or on the mailing list.
  • Non-members can use the space as much as they want when other members are present, but cannot access the space when no members are there and have to leave when the last member leaves.

conflict resolution

  • ardeen


  • Delegate & formal commitment to Omni?
    • Yar volunteers, no objections at meeting
  • Sudoroom needs a CEO in order to file Statement of Information
  • people sleeping at sudo room
    • Main problems are:
      • It is unwelcoming to new member.
      • It is unfair utilization of scarce resources to other members.
      • It is disrespectful of sudo's commi