Meeting Notes 2014-02-26

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Q: now what?

  • yar (now we watch another 3D fractal)
  • eric (nip it in the bud and simplify things)
  • juul (drink some mate)
  • matt (it's never been more clear!)
  • noemi (now let's eat!)
  • chris (lock your bike)
  • jenny

New Members

  • eric!


  • Calendar
  • Show at sudo room w/Scott - Feb. 28th (Friday) - all ages, 100+ people
  • Noisebridge reprap-building party ~noon Saturday
  • Some bikes have "walked out lately" - lock your bike
  • People's Open Network - There is now a (special) node at sudo. Learn more here:
  • Sudo Men's group probably starting meeting on Tuesdays mid-March


  • Get Eddan off the lease ASAP
    • still blocked by the below item - getting insurance
    • asking ace monster toys what insurance they use
    • Marc suggests "call State Farm and tell them we're a hobby shop"
    • David will "nail it tomorrow"
  • get debit card set up, put LMI & Linode on it [matt]
    • "it's on its way!" in the mail
  • slay zombie events that show up when importing from calendar [matt]
  • Use Stripe [jenny]
    • blocked by not having bank account info
  • Renew lease - David K. to investigate insurance options - matt will ping him
  • check in w/sound room re: noise on the 28th (jenny)
    • Done, relevant parties have been put in touch with each other
  • Let's ask Rackspace for free hosting! (yar)
  • apply for a free 3D printer [yar]
  • hack the wiki, especially the front page [you]
    • Sudo Wiki is the new social network, replaces facebook
  • research list of social services in the area to give to folks in need [Xavier]
  • Ask RPSC about sharing their art murmur table [Xavier]
  • take things off the wishlist, especially chairs

"Kicking People Out" Practice

  • role-playing exercise to make confronting problematic people less scary
  • you can enforce our safe space policy! it will be ok! you're awesome!
    • it was a success
    • Xavier thinks we should have a bill of rights
      • ability to provide food, clothing and shelter with the help of agencies
      • give sleepers a 24 hour warning before kicking them out
      • provide them with a list of services
  • much harder when you don't have backup - need at least 3 people


  • 8th & Alice! -
    • Who is interested in taking a tour? Contact
    • Need to write a proposal with our zoning requirements
  • What do we need to be doing?
    • more research
    • more fundraising
  • Xavier wants a committee to make schwag and sell it at art murmur
  • use this everyone!
  • chris is friends with a non-non-lawyer
  • should we stay here? should a devil's advocate say that?
    • "no. that's a bad idea."
  • how do we approach this organizationally?
    • we have 2 threads/goals: maintaining new space, and finding new one
    • "will there be 2 spaces at once?"
    • they'll give us time to move in/out
    • yar thinks this will be a good problem to have
  • has potential?


  • Which of these is our real bitcoin address?
  • we have $9691.95 in the bank
  • we're above our monthly cost and are able to pay rent without dipping into standing funds. On the path to being officially solvent.
  • yar: "any fundraising we do should be focused on gaining small $1-or-less contributors to Gittip"
  • more advertising <--- EDIT THE WIKI & BLOG
  • sticker for the back of magnets
  • someone needs to pay for bike tools

Consensus Items

  • can the wiki be our front page yet?

Conflict Resolution


  • Discuss replacing agenda for future meetings with Fundraising and Moving
    • yar proposes a one-week trial period for this new meeting format
    • March 5 meeting will be entirely devoted to fundraising & moving!
    • There are no objections to this idea
  • We're doing a great job!
  • The rain is officially coming down sideways

After meeting teamups