Meeting Notes 2014-03-05

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This is a Special Edition of the Sudoroom weekly meeting, focused on the upcoming reboot


Q: your thoughts on Santa Clause

  • Yar (trains little christian children to believe anything)
  • Troy (he owes Troy $2 million)
  • Joyce (came from a pagan ritual, so should be encouraged)
  • Xavier (an opportunity to just have faith)
  • Marc (just an american thing)


  • This is new and scary! What do we do???
  • We're trying to MOVE SUDOROOM
    • Why? This place sucks. Also: It's too small.
  • Look at craigslist ads?
  • Followup on known spaces - what's happened since last time?
    • Who has been communicating with the alice people.
      • Jenny has, spoke with Jeremy last week but hasn't gotten a reply back. The space is still available and they're interested in having us. Jeremy: 510.592.4769 or Jason
  • Get eddan off the lease
  • 8th & Alice Costs $6000
    • 2 groups have asked for a quote, not heard back from landlords
    • sudoroom can currently afford $2000
    • CCL can currently afford $1000 to $2000
    • BAPS $1000
  • Seems like we can't afford any of these things without MORE MEMBERS and MORE MONEY. So let's just focus on this!
  • our message: WE ARE MOVING to a BIGGER SPACE. You want to pay for it.
  • rebranding - s/sudoroom/sudospace/ ?
  • talk to Laney College about them making immediate use of the space
    • show up in person
    • whoever you talk to, ask "who should i talk to next?"
  • we have to clearly communicate what we want to do, to the people who want to help us do it
  • reach out to: city, communities
  • raise enough for 6 months of new space
  • make the space more welcoming - too many wires, too messy
  • have another meeting like this but SERVE FOOD and ANNOUNCE CLEARLY
  • we need more outreach material - cards or flyers
  • first friday table
  • promotional video that tells our story
  • co-campaign with Candidate X (Shake)
    • reach out as individuals
  • reach out to ex-sudokids people
    • what would they want out of sudospace
  • phone-a-thon
    • for meeting face-to-face
    • invite them to a "Tell us what you want" meeting
  • indiegogo
  • get video footage of the alice space
  • lots of markets - tool lending library?
  • pitch: "we have absolutely no spending money, but we want ... that"

Intros round 2

Q: what would you want from a bigger space?

  • Marc: we're limited, need sections. wants biolab, real kitchen
  • Xavier: artist in residence
  • equipment, silk screening, science mushrooms
  • kids & families (kids aren't allowed here)


  • goal: $2000/month
  • 200 people giving $2.50/week


  • visit and tell us what you want
  • clean the room
  • internet fund drive
  • at least 3 greeters
  • "gently suggested $10-20 donation"
  • t-shirts & schwag
  • performances
  • raffle for services
    • $10/ticket
    • $20/3 tickets [ALWAYS A REASON TO DONATE MORE]
  • constantly tell people the space is free
  • beer keg donations - "free as in beer"
  • let everyone set up a table in sudoroom for whatever cause they want
  • laughingsquid
  • Cleanup weekend: 22nd to 23rd with recycling runs on monday (cars)
  • Big event: April 5-6!
  • daily hard work until then!
  • juul will contact Laney college
  • who will apply for an awesome foundation grant for the move?
  • order

Planning meeting

we are doing things...