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Meeting Notes 2014-03-12

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Q: what can be destroyed?

  • elliot (capitalism can be destroyed)
  • yar (our articles of association)
  • dwight ()
  • nicole (nicole)
  • chris (conan the destroyer, idk)
  • phil (evanwolf)

New Members



  • we read the calendar - lots of fun things


  • Renew lease & get Eddan off it [???]
  • get debit card set up, put LMI & Linode on it [matt???]
  • slay zombie events that show up when importing from calendar [matt]
  • Use Stripe [jenny]
  • ask Rackspace for free hosting [yar]
  • research list of social services in the area to give to folks in need [Xavier]


  • Collective of Collectives had a work party last night and is about to file incorporation paperwork.
  • Building on 26th & Telegraph. Big warehouse. Check it out.
  • Reboot schedule has not been as aggressive as it should have been
  • Cleanup weekend - 22nd & 23rd March
    • hol said will bring suv (not avail 29/30), marc said will try to bring truck, hol will make sure have beer
    • food & drinks still up for grabs
    • conflict with landlord's rave?
      • should we reschedule?
      • would that conflict with the truck plans?
      • yar will email the list floating this idea of moving to the 29th/30th
    • RPS offers beer


  • Marina wrote a check for March rent and gave it to Marc to give to George! <--- awesome! <3<3 NO PROBLEM!
  • Our gittip has been going down. Now at $300.
    • yar added gittip nagware to the site
  • Xavier wants to look deeper into it


Consensus Items

  • TWAC - trans & womens' action camp wants to have a fundraising event here on April 4, 8pm-2am
    • they're happy to work with us to make it compatible with first friday
    • elliot will bottom-line security/bouncer situation
    • RPS offers beer for this as well, contract to be negotiated

Conflict Resolution

There is a conflict between Elliott and Xavier.

  • Elliot: Tuesday night, 11 March. Elliot said something about a friend of Xavier (your friend sexually assaulted my friend), Xavier took umbrage and asked if E wanted X to jump on him or for X to call the police. This was a verbal exchange. They were separated; X was asked to leave. E is uncomfortable in X's presence. E seeks a conflict mediation that allows them to be in separate spaces during the mediation; also that X should be excluded from the Sudoroom until E feels safe again. E feels that he was threatened with violence.
  • Xavier: To E: "I'm sorry for what you felt last night." X asked to talk about what E said. E asked what X wanted to talk about X's friend. E defamed X's friend. X said not to defame X's friend/family (i.e. calling the friend a rapist). X continued to defend his friend in a strong manner.
  • yar: did you threaten to jump him or call the police? Xavier: "maybe, maybe not, but he defamated my family"
  • Jeremy was there and tells his version: X came in, wanted to "make an appointment with E." E said no. Conversation happened. E: "he's a sexual abuser" X: "don't talk about my friend that way or i'm gonna kick your ass." Something about "any other action being a consequence of law" (?) Entire exchange lasted a minute. No physical interaction.
  • Elliot says he de-escalated by walking away
  • Xavier feels threatened by the idea of a mediation where he can't come to Sudoroom. He said "you don't know what jail is". Elliot takes this as "an additional threat to have [him] in prison."
  • Dwight reports on issues at RPS. A conflict happened which seemed potentially violent but did not escalate to physical violence. They're making a code of conduct now because they've never had this issue before.
  • Elliot: "X threatened a member of RPS with physical violence" Dwight agrees.
  • Xavier: "I don't want to be cowardly attacked, if you want to call a time and place". There is debate over whether this was a threat to violence or an invitation to talk.
  • A lot more conversations happened. Elliot left. Yar asked Xavier to leave and he left a few minutes later.
  • yar objects to X's rape apologism, manipulative topic-changing, ideation about violence and dominance, and general lack of accountability. At this point multiple people feel unsafe with him.
  • Not enough quorum to ban?