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Q: what's something you find exciting!

  • Jeremy (this very meeting)
  • Yar (the homemade hamentashen someone brought)
  • DK (the omni)
  • Matt (so stoked for Jenny's global mesh networking grant application!)
  • Ed ()
  • Troy (doing propaganda for an artist)
  • Hol (growing moss & ferns)




  • compare to The Hub?
    • "they're ctrl-v-ing the hell out of us"
  • hol suggests an "ascetic space diet" - not having a space for 2 months
  • 8th & Alice landlords have been moving slowly in communications and renovations
    • Hol will pursue - "important for our mission to have a downtown space"
    • Hol, you'll have to call them directly. I chatted with Jeremy on the phone the other week. Maybe better to try Jason. Matt has his #. Don't bother with email at this point. Maybe ask specifically for an open house?
  • Matt wants us to bike around downtown and do more space reconnaissance -- "bikeabout"
    • Join this sunday, Mar 23rd!
  • several minutes ranting against speculators, The Man, etc


  • Can Sudoroom pay BAPS for some of the Omni event cost? $100?
    • Why does the event cost money? To pay the speakers?
      • To rent the space, right?
        • Lame. Sudo did not agree to this - since its a BAPS event entirely planned by BAPS, shouldn't it be their financial responsibility? I'm all for sudo contributing when we plan an event together.
    • reluctance for sudoroom to pay given lack of clarity over the BAPS no-solicitation policy
      • (some would rather pay with fundraising at the event)
  • We're not in the black. We're still in danger of dipping into our standing funds.
  • sudoroom needs more dogecoin
  • $8565 in bank account
    • minus $227 Matt paid to waste management

Consensus Items

  • apply for 501c3? can we formally vote to do this?
    • naysayers have mostly been "what about 501c10 or 501cUMLAUT"
      • haha, i'd say we put out a call for concrete proposals, but we've done that many times already and would probably just end up having to discuss someone's half-baked proposal for a month.
    • matt, a primary naysayer, is ok with being 501c3 now and changing later
    • there is unanimous consensus at this meeting that we should pursue 501c3
    • the consensus process has officially begun on this proposal
      • jenny gives remote consent (then we have 9 out of 10) + ryan = 10
        • awesome!
    • yar notes that our currently filed articles are already written for this purpose, no need to pass further bylaws, etc
    • Consensus was reached.
      • unless the mailing list objects?
        • I don't think so. That's for changes to our articles. This is not an articles change so immediate consent is possible.

Conflict Resolution

Proposed Articles Amendment #1


Sub-Section 3.2.2 Maintaining Safe Space During Conflict Resolution

In the event that a conflict stems from one or more members being threatened by another member of sudo room or a member of the wider community, a temporary ban may be placed on that person until the conflict has been resolved. [consensus in this case may be obtained from members present at sudo room at any time someone reports being threatened.] Should the person being banned fail to participate constructively in the conflict resolution process as determined by the membership, the ban shall become permanent.

  • I am confused by the section marked in brackets above. Isn't this amendment specifically so that we don't need to achieve consensus to impose a temp ban on someone threatening violence against another member? i was thinking of it as a fast track consensus since the reason stated was that there was not quorum at the meeting. what do you propose?
  • Any person accused of violating safe space is banned from the space until the next weekly meeting, at which point the conflict resolution process begins.

only an accusation is required? i don't think that should be enough. what if two people accuse eachother?

  • unless another member vouches for that person? blocking consensus on the temporary ban?

what about removing the requirement for it being at a meeting - "consensus in this case may be obtained from members present at sudo room at any time someone reports being threatened"

    • I like that more than gaining consensus at a meeting, which just brings us back to the original issue. If someone threatens a member on a Wednesday night, that would delay their erm, banishment for a whole week

right on - changed it above

Proposed Articles Amendment #1


A place free of physical violence or threats thereof.

There was some discussion of how the past week's events relate to our conflict and/or safe space policies. Ambiguous whether it's off the record.

Xavier's statement to the meeting in absentia

Sudo Room;

The following is a letter that aims to explain the situation that lead to the event in which Eliot was threaten by me. I understand that such is a breach of the safe space agreement, and I am willing and able to work through all the steps to learn from this, and be welcomed back in the community.

On Monday March 10 I was informed by my Punk friend Casey that Eliot had assaulted him outside a show some time ago. Four days before I learned about this, on First-Thursday March 6, I was working inside RPSc, right next to a club called the legionnaire that hosts a punk show every first-thursday; I saw Eliot arrive to the club with a long wooden sword, and wait silently in the corner of the club, in front of the RPS Gallery. He wasn’t there to see the show, nor to hang out. He refused to say hi to me. He was just hiding within the crowd, looking at the door, trying to see if he spotted my friend Casey, to assault him again.

According to Casey’s story about what happened years ago, he is not guilty of rape. His is a one side story that I wanted to corroborate with Eliot. I approached Eliot just like many other times, expecting to find friendship, and conversation, but such are not available from him. Regardless of the reasons he has to hold such a high standard of the people he is friendly with, and to be condescending to me, I felt it was important to emphasize on having a time and a place to talk with him about this persecution of his after Casey. Instead, he started calling out defamations, at what point I had to threaten him to stop.

My intention was to mediate between Eliot and Casey. But now I just want to make peace with Eliot and let my friend handle his business with Eliot on his own. I want to remain being a member of the Sudo Room. And I think we should include a rule in which if a member puts forth an invitation for another member to deal with an outside situation, then such should be granted. And that nobody gets defamed regardless of any reason. Calling names such as “rapist” on anyone, regardless, is not a safe-space practice and it should not be allowed.

In regards of Dwight, friends of Eliot, and member of the RPSc, I have placed a complaint against him for sexual harassment, as you can see in this link (password: Xavsdw) He tried to have sex with me! And when he realized he was not going to get it, he assaulted me out of RPSc. He made up false accusations; that I can't run a POS, that I stole money. He took my copy of the keys, and kicked me out the door. This person should not be welcomed in regards of anything to do with me, because he is not helping out in bringing peace and solidarity to the community, but all of the contrary.

My friend Casey does not want any part in this, therefore I am not sticking up for him. I can respect Eliot's choice not to be friends with me. And if he wants to pursue a campaing against Casey, he should do it outside of the sudo room. I want all of us to learn from this situation, and move on forward with our work, plans, and activities at the sudo room in peace, love and prosperity.

Thank you.


Matt has proposals

Pay this work forward by making our position clear for the future.

We have the opportunity to talk to all parties about our values around resistance to violence and what safe space means.

  • Hol also proposed a more clear addition to the "safe space" definition in the sudo room Articles of Association that specifically includes a space free of phyiscal violence and threats of violence

Another "Conflict" (Auto-approved for being )

  • Matt thanks Hol for being the Conflict Steward to shephard our Conflict Resolution process for this issue.


  • Arrange tabling at the Anarchist Book Fair