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Q: Given the following statement, what are three words in response?

"We should dismantle every intelligence agency in this country piece by piece, brick by brick, nail by nail."
— Rep. Ron Dellums (D-Oakland), 1975

  • yar (no such agency)
  • juul (fail by fail)
  • troy (liar liar liar)
  • hol (jackhammers and blowtorches)
  • jeremy (uuuuuuummmmmm no)
  • matt (domain! awareness! center!)
  • adrian (something about wifi)
  • sally (in a second)
  • JC (take shit apart)
  • chris (he's not here)
  • ykciV (edit Oakland Wiki!) <--this is where I've run into the quote...DAC article. :P


  • marc denounces the noisebridge board!
  • berkeley student cooperative grant interview presentation - practice session on sunday! time TBA
  • sudoroom won a TAZ 3D printer and it will be awesome
  • iGEM group at CCL & biocurious
  • sudoroom has a booth at the grand lake farmers market this weekend, 9am
  • LARP coding language


  • Renew lease & get Eddan off it [???]
    • Laurie needs to give us the lease to sign
  • get password to the individual's Godaddy account that currently controls
  • fix calendar
    • slay zombie events that show up when importing [matt]
    • make event links show the right prefix
    • links to facebook should direct to
  • fix facebook link:
  • waiting for debit card:
    • transfer our internet, host a tor node
    • Stripe [jenny]
    • free Rackspace hosting?
    • moving off someone else's Godaddy account
    • still "in the mail"??? it's been weeks!
  • Technical to-dos:
    • Move SeltzerCRM install to
    • Add function for door code integration in Seltzer (jenny awaiting code already written for an east coast hackerspace)
    • Proper 'Join' button on w/ "terms and conditions" (rename to "values and agreements")
  • set up venmo
    • is venmo danish? (ven is danish for friend)
    • probably
  • put a blurb in Slighshot magazine, contact Hayley


what/when is the reboot thing again?

cleanup this weekend (29/30)

  • remove/donate/recycle items not to keep
  • organize components to keep
  • we really need a tall ladder
  • starts when the first person gets here
  • yar's plan is simple: make backwards shelf not-backwards, proceed from there

categories to hack on:

  • refreshments
  • transportation logistics
  • people who will sort and organize:
    • electronic components
    • sound
    • video
    • art supplies
    • bike shop
    • shop/tools
    • fabric/sewing
    • IT infrastructure
    • orphaned projects (speak up for yours)
  • random upcycling as opportunities are discovered

reboot weekend (5/6)

  • unconference component
  • meet every wednesday to focus our complete energy on reboot
  • did we just abolish wednesday meetings forever? kinda maybe
  • there were no objections to abolishing our wednesday meetings forever. very sudo. wow.
  • yar asks what our process for un-aboloshing meetings is
  • so it's not forever, only until after reboot weekend

matt writes a statement:

Given the current state of affairs for the sudo room, and the existing burden of bureacuracy (a necessary evil balanced with doocracy) mandates that we focus the vast majority (nearly all) of our weekly meeting efforts entirely on the initiative to execute a "sudo room reboot". This will include a series of plans to expand and potentially move sudo room, hack and improve sudo room in many ways, and ultimately to culminate in a weekend unconference event entitled "Sudo Room Reboot". After this event, we will return to business as usual and decide what to do next given our investments and progress. We need you to help! We are nothing without you! Join us in person, online, in spirit, and even yes in currency

things we're removing from agenda. all of these things will happen continuously outside meetings:

  • intros
  • announcements
  • todo-mining
  • calender-mining
  • money updates

elaborate on reboot items / brainstorming in general

  • outreach to groups - articulate our trajectory
  • new space / more space +
  • events
  • clean/enema
  • signs
  • people! moar!
    • outreach
    • phoning etc
    • mobilize
    • flyers & stickers
  • training
  • roles
  • facilitation
  • structure
  • Offset press
  • calendar whiteboard
  • magazine rack
  • parking
  • inventory of objects
    • audit of money
    • census of people
  • lost items
  • input/output box (needs more room)
  • kitchen, food, actual compost
  • operations, materials, supplies
  • sorting boxes
  • organizing tools (zip ties)
  • propaganda
  • fundraising

"bridal registry"

marc: no, the point is finding a new space.

yar: cleaning/emptying sudoroom will psychologically get us to realize it's real - sudoroom can change, it's moving, it's a blank canvas

Results - we need to focus on the following primary functions to actually Reboot Sudo Room

  • Find space
  • Fund Raise
  • Reach Out
  • Hack our current space

Consensus Items

Ratify amendments to Safe Space definition and Conflict Resolution section



would gloating about winning the lulzbot contest and publically thanking them constitute "endorsement"?

  • no, it would not
  • no consensus required for stating facts

Ban noisebridge board from sudo room?

  • not Naomi, just the anti-consensus ones
  • do you have names? "the names are not important"
  • instead, sudoroom should just consent on a public statement
  • Alternative proposal:
The Sudo Room community is disheartened by the abrupt change in decision-making procedures, away from a consensus model, by the Noisebridge Board of Directors. This occured without due participation of the Noisebridge community and this mistake should be rectified immediately. This change in decision-making procedures makes Noisebridge a less democratic, and more hierarchical institution. It is the Sudo Room community's understanding that this is antithetical to the intentional role of members of the Board of Directors of Noisebridge.

Consensed on:

Conflict Resolution

Update on conflict w/ X and E

  • review of events up to now
  • elliot is too busy and distracted to participate right now
  • hol suggests a 6 month ban
  • xavier wrote a "rebuttal" and posted a slightly different version to his blog, but then took the blog post down.
  • no objection to banning xavier for a minimum of 6 months
    • to be revisited by the group in 6 months
    • we consensed as a meeting
    • which is necessary but not sufficient to consenting as a sudoroom
  • elliot suggests banning casey jones
    • he committed the sexual assault that people were attacking each other over
    • we decided he won't come by, it's not a problem that needs solving
    • if he did come by, he's auto-banned anyway just by our own standards

Upvote party

A new section in which members spread the word about awesome projects by other members