Meeting Notes 2014-04-02

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Q: time zones? discuss.

  • max - use terran computational calendar
  • brian - daylight savings times aren't synchronized,
  • matt - its arbitrary we're all spinning
  • daniel - too messy, might as well sswitch
  • scott - time is construct we can reconstcut it - used to help out with sudo kids.
  • david - "self-delineated" 'nuff said
  • yar - crimea switched from ukrainian to russian timezone. this caused a stir in the best mailing list ever


  • Taxes?
    • email to nobawc. selc. hire someone
    • send email seeking accuntancy consultation[max]
  • Renew lease & get Eddan off it [???]
    • Laurie needs to give us the lease to sign
  • waiting for debit card:
    • transfer our internet, host a tor node
    • Stripe [jenny]
    • free Rackspace hosting? <-- backchannel ftw
    • still "in the mail"??? it's been even more weeks!
  • Technical to-dos:
    • fix calendar (zombie event imports & correct facebook prefix)
    • or rather, find an entirely new calendar solution that isn't a wordpress plugin
    • Move SeltzerCRM install to
    • Add function for door code integration in Seltzer (jenny awaiting code already written for an east coast hackerspace)
  • set up venmo [liberty?]
  • put a blurb in Slingshot magazine, contact Hayley
    • marc to ping Hayley, deadline is Apr 2. that is today!


  • we won a 3D printer!
  • strawberries have arrived
  • Noemi is beginning to film her documentary about Sudo


Space Search / Evaluation

The Omni:

  • Deposit lowered to $30k
  • Estimated move-in date of June 1st

8th and Alice:

  • new guy who was just catching up and i had to give the whole sudo pitch all over again. He was unable to update on the state of the building


The Omni or not to Omni?

  • We will commit to a joint Omni fundraiser, with a June 1st deadline.
  • If the Omni falls through, then we will have a sudo space individual fundraiser. Idea is a harmonious-hackathon / pay-what-you-can dev bootcamp one weekend. It can be paired with this idea:

Offer to host an RSVP Dinner w/ Francisco and Liberation Food Worker Cooperative

  • Title: "Sudo Room Reboot Kick-Off Dinner"


  • At the same time, until we know more about the Omni, grants have been kind to us.

Next Steps

  • Now we have . This is the way it will work.
  • There are 41 grants to apply to. All grant writers will receive 50% of the grant if won.

Sudoers can make money helping sudo room, sudo makes cash. [max to send out announcement email].


  • Find Partners (e.g. co-leasers, sub-leasers)
  • Talk to sudoers
  • Mobilize

Hack our Current Space

  • Goal: "Optimize Sudo Room to GAIN MOMENTUM"
  • A lesson recently learned: "Everything needs a place" more than they need to be organized with respect to each other.
  • Approaches
  • Organize
  • Tool area
  • Undefined zone by window
  • Wire-rack shelf
  • Table
  • Around sink area (storage)
  • Remove
  • Bikes
  • Trash
  • Non-useful objects
  • Next Steps
  • Clean tonight, on-going re-organization
  • Take an inventory (a naive list on the wiki)