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(5 mins)

What is your favorite object in sudo room?

  • Scott: Inflatable robot
  • Jenny: Candle cat
  • Anthony: Coffee machine
  • E1izabeth: Lucky cat:
  • Marc: Compressed air canister
  • Henry: This table!
  • Jake: The membrane that separates sudo room from the space outside
  • Vicky: "Change all the things" sign by m4tt
  • Francisco: the space itself
  • Mario: Looking forward to becoming a member. Also founder of karma help (looking 5h4r1ng g1f7 3c0n0my website)
  • Yar: It doesn't exist yet. One of you will design and print it.
  • m4tt: Patrick Smith's Nyan Cat


(5 mins)

New Members

(5 mins)

  • Mario!
    • Wiki User: Radicalize


(5 mins)

  • So close to a weekly McKinley!
  • $488.77/wk from Gittip
  • Debit card is on its way
  • gittip money now going to our internet archive federal credit union account
  • $260 to Omni inspector
  • $150 to David & Niki for insurance
  • $50 for button supplies
  • $100 for stickers
  • Anthony R has connections to $$$ for tax write-off purposes
    • Incentive to move forward on 501c3 application!


(30 mins)

  • signing omni sublease vs omni lease
    • Pressure for sudo and several other core member-groups of the omni to sign the lease:

"If you sign the lease, your group would technically be liable, subject to the subleases, for your portion of the rent over a 3-year period. IE, not 'severally' liable, but 'jointly' liable - just liable for your part. It does not bind you to the full term in a way - if your sublease ended (you left or whatever), we would replace you with another group. But until that time, you'd be liable."

    • Does this mean that any of the signatories can block changes to the lease / renegotiations?
  • Q. What could it mean to leave this space better than we found it?
  • New OMNI group: Creative Empowerment Project
    • Feedback: Is this a for-profit or a non-profit? Space seems tight, and pretty much allocated already. Is there space for them, and how much are they going to pay? +++
    • Proposal: Include the above feedback in new member-group applications
    • "We're moving into a space without a formed culture yet - our own culture will be muted, other groups not yet established. We should have more in-depth conversation about what it means to bring in a new collective that will be bringing in potentially problematic people."
      • How does she plan on doing this? What experience does she have? What's the timeline?
      • What about HackerSpa? Are we being hypocrites?
        • No one here voted yes for Hacker Spa
      • There are a lot of people in Oakland who could benefit from this training who *aren't* incarcerated
    • 24hr access screenprinting collective at 24th & Adeline (friends of Jake)

Vicky's summary (+1 scott)

  • This person has not worked with formerly-incarcerated people. Concerned with issues surrounding this.
  • Concern about bringing people into the space who have their own problems before the omni has a well-formed culture or without having the expertise and resources to deal with this
    • "their own problems" is a problematic and judgemental phrasing -- Matt Senate
  • Group has not formed into a legal entity--will it be for-profit or non-profit?
  • Time is running short on writing this lease, but they won't be considered "Anchor Tennants" (at the moment).
    • Perhaps this does give us time to think about it and talk about it.
  • Space seems tight, and pretty much allocated already. Is there space for them, and how much are they going to pay?

Jenny will present this to the Omni Delegates meeting tomorrow (thurs)

  • Unify Reboot & Omni
    • Send definitive message to sudo-discuss.
    • Send first announcement to sudo-announce.
    • Send first announcements to social media platforms.
    • Notify commons users
    • Open a dialogue about "Sudo Forking" ethos:
      • Live with decentralization and solidarity!
    • Action Items
      • Yar on blog post
        • Publish on Twitter & Facebook too
      • Matt post on sudo-discuss and sudo-announce.
    • Waiting til Friday to post on blog and "signal boost" (Yar said it) on Sun/Mon.

Consensus Items

(30 mins)

  • Omni: Lease or sublet?
    • Proposal: Sudo authorizes Jenny to sign the lease on our behalf. Vote: 11 for, 2 no vote. Passed


No other tenant of the building that holds sudo room's current space at 22nd and Broadway is allowed access to the sudo room and common space adjacent to sudo room and the bay area public school, unless permission is granted by consensus at two consecutive sudo room meetings, and listed below:

  • Customers and staff of Hair Candy
  • Robert (upstairs)
  • Staff of the Sound Room (including Robert [downstairs])
  • New tenants as of June 2014, until they are given a first notice to request access by any sudo room member. Failure to request access within one week of this notice revokes the tenant's permission to access and requires access to be requested at any future sudo room meeting if desired.

Consensus: OBTAINED! (consenso'd)



  • Regardless of Timon's current membership status, we find him in "bad standing" with regard to sudo room's values, specifically with regard to "safe space". We ban Timon from the sudo room, for an indefinite period.
  • There is nothing we are doing here that is not compassionate. We just have to be compassionate to *everyone*.

*Consensus: 13 / 13 (consensus)

Ascii art

||              ||
||    O    O    ||
||       \      ||
\\      __     //           ..
  \\          //            ||||
     |      |              \\   |
____/        \____          \__/  
                  \        |    | 
                    \      |    | 
    s/war/love/g      \    |    | 
                        \__|    | 


Add to "Empowerment Section":

  • The procedure for members to deal with persons who have been denied access who refuse to leave the space is:

1. Ask nicely for the person in question to leave.

2. Ask all other members in the space to help you in asking the person in question to leave.

3. Along with all the other members capable of joining you, wait and watch the person in question until they leave.

  • Feedback:
    • How to enforce?
    • Reach out to blue shirt ambassadors if necessary

Action Items

Re: New tenancy :

  • Signage? (done in the next week--Anthony, Phil)
  • Letter to other tenants (done in the next week--Anthony, Phil)
  • Escallation procedure for removing people (find way to communicate to others (having a copy in physical space), done in the next week)
  • Official guest list and member IDs #sudobadge (Sudo Registry--see m4tt)

The ringworld

Oh, the Ringworld is unstable
the Ringworld is unstable
did the best that they were able
and it's good enough for me!