Meeting Notes 2014-07-16

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"pseudo-sudo meeting"

People pseudo-present

Vicky, Julio, Timothy, Elizabeth, Whitney


  • Vicky will scrub the wordpress to make sure it's clear that we are now at the new place (someone may have already done this)
  • Vicky will update the Google Place for Sudo Room
  • Julio will upload photos for how to access the new Sudo.
  • Julio will scrub Sudo Room Wiki and Oakland Wiki to make sure it's clear that Sudo Room is now at a new location.


  • Three prospective members (Timothy, Elizabeth, and Whitney) were waiting for a meeting that didn't happen due to lack of quorum (10 Sudo members) pursuant to the current process for becoming a member
  • They will try again next week though Timothy suggested that we may consider having an acceptable process that does not require a quorum at a physical meeting. He had other ideas about making decisions collectively online, when necessary, using reddit or reddit-like tools (including one he recently coded, but is in beta). Timothy will address the Sudo Room community via email with suggestions.
  • In the absence of an alternative process, it was suggested the prospective members ping the lists/IRC/etc to see if a meeting is actually happening in case that's their sole reason for coming to Sudo Room on any specific Wednesday.


Whitney came representing a network hardware group after following a suggestion from Daniel that Sudo should be able to solicit and accept donations like old networking equipment from school districts when they acquire new equipment. The group has to be able to accept donations that are tax-deductible, and this is only possible if Sudo has federal non-profit status [501(c)(*)], and the Sudo wiki states that process as pending. It is not clear that a decision has been made. Whitney will message sudo-discuss and sudo-board about his request for information.