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sudoroom meeting august 13, 2014


(ice-breaker: something you're grateful for + class you'd like to take)

  • yar (everybody doing stuff / physics); marc (mate / signal processing); whitney (not being injured / webdev); daniel (hands); jeremy (sudo mtgs / wrestling); ron (food & water / math); melissa (finding us)


  • Danel: He took their intro to electronics at Noisebridge and taught him the basic components. He wants something like that here.
    • mitch did that class at sudo a long time ago - 2012
  • Marc: (so people can provide us with things we want instead of everything.)
  • tiny computer history museum (where's the C64?)


  • Yar: $400 to electrify sudo ASAP - we should do this!
    • Whitney: He looked at the electrical list and thinks its optimistic, thinks it would cost $1000 and 8-12 hours to install.
    • Whitney can start this weekend, Daniel can help
    • meeting with 9 members, no objections to allocating $500 towards electrifying sudo persuant to jake's plan
  • we need more $$$
  • first friday fundraisers? telegraph first friday?
  • host the eb anarchist book fair? december 7. jeremy will talk to them.

  • back to school / education?
  • halloween party!
  • run the 3d printers during next week's potluck


  • Really close to working. It has some bugs. Confused about its axes.
  • Talk to Marc or Jake if you wanna work on it.
  • we need a pallet lifter!

New Members


  • mid-meeting break for talking about projects going on, so new people can hear about non-beurocratic exciting stuff

--- Projects Status Starts Here ---

Order Number | project | bottom liners | Progress | Comments

1- Electical Wiring: Jake, Whitney, Jeremy(?): 5% Whitney has skills, will check with Jake. 2- Robot: Jake, Marc: ?% 3- WhiteBoard at Entrance w to do list: Jeremy: done-ongoing: 4- Rack panels cabling: Daniel, Kare: 60% -Server panel 24 ports patched 8.11.14 , Switch panel started, 3 ports done today 8.13.14 (meeting took my time away :)). 5- Triple-scale auto-doc station: Marc : 20% : Need help with raspicam to microscope adapter --- Projects Status Ends Here ---

Consensus Items

omni consensus procedure

1. All decisions about the building are made through consensus, except when specified (in the voting exemptions section).

2. When a decision needs to be made to secure the building, then a majority vote may be used to make the decision. The majority must be three-fourths of all voting members. These decisions include: a. Paying rent, utilities, and other liabilities of the collective b. Submitting legal documentation c. Suspensions and bans

3. Each collective may choose to use a delegate or distributed delegates to count as a single vote at the main meetings. Distributed delegates allows all members of collectives to make amendments or block proposals at main meeting.

4. Consensus formed through absence of clarifying questions and blocks. This removes the necessity to identify a delegate. The member(s) of the collective needs to be present to represent the consent of the collective. Quorum is still needed to make a decision.

5. The meetings are to give priority to updates from working groups and collectives.


  • "3 & 4 i don't understand"
    • what is a "distributed delegate"?
    • "sudoroom as a whole would count as one delegate, rather than one person"

statement of solidarity

$ curl | sed s/Omni/Sudoroom/

  • straw poll: 6 yes, 3 abstaining
  • Marc and Jeremey brought up some issues with language relating to the intro statement.

omni groups


  • yar will block them as ooc member, no objections to that, some strong feeling for it
  • yar won't necessarily block them as tenant but they're not offering enough $$ for so much space
    • marc says minimum $1.50/sqft
    • oakland's average is $1.82/sqft, and we're in an expensive part...,NumberOfListingsFL,ProfileViewsFL,TotalSFAvailableFL,DaysOnMarketFL&PropertyTypes=Multifamily,Office,Industrial,Retail


rise above

  • willing to pay $1000 for small space


bottom liners

  • we need more people dedicated to doing things and caring about things
  • maybe asana will take care of some of this problem
  • or other task-managing program

Conflict Resolution

Whitney had lunch with Phil, asked lots of questions and took detailed notes.

  • seems like the ban gets lifted unless we take new positive step to ban him for some reason now
  • maybe we should make a separate process for this kind of thing


  • marc proposes that we break up the meetings with a mid-meeting go-around where each person talks about a project they work on, want to work on, are learning about or are excited about!
  • daniel proposes that we have a quick synopsis of the previous meeting's minutes at the beginning of new meetings